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I rescued a lovely, 6 month old kitty about 4 months ago. She was a bit of a train wreck when I brought her home. She had a hysterectomy where they had to do major surgery so her belly was shaved. Her fur was matted and looked dry. Her tail was so bad that it looked like it did not belong to her. She is a medium haired cat. I started feeding her Innova low fat food, both dry and moist. I give her about a tablespoon of wet food a day and usually keep her dry food bowl a quarter full. I also brush her daily. I can’t believe how she has changed! Her fur is so soft and luxurious. Her tail is beautiful and puffy. I will never stop feeding her Innova. I am a true believer.

Innova EVO Dry Cat Food

You can choose from the following Innova Cat food products: Innova Cat Food (dry), Innova Evo Cat Food, Innova Lite Cat Food, Evo Canned Cat Food, and Innova Cat Food Cans.

Innova Low Fat Dry Cat Food - Only Natural Pet

Innova Dry Cat Food Today, Proctor & Gamble owned that they have ordered a recall of all, that’s right all, Innova, California Natural, EVO, Healthwise, Mother Nature and Karma brands dry pet foods and all their biscuits, bars, and treat pet products for dogs and cats, puppies and kittens, with expiration dates prior to June 10, 2014 — which is nearly everything they have on the market.

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We just lost our beloved cat to this food. April 28th we purchased the dry Innova in Medford Or. On our way back to WA. from a trip. Didnt open and feed the food for about 6weeks because we still had a partial bag. After opening the new bag my cat woke up in the middle of the night vomiting and had very runny diarrhea. The next day he was a bit lethargic but no more vomiting or runny stool. Then he stopped eating his food. Would only eat wet food. Within ten days this cat lost one and a half pounds. We had his stool tested for salmonella and it came out negative but we were told this can happen even if it IS present 🙁 by this time the cat was weak and unable to walk steady or jump up to a counter he normally had no problem with. We were giving antibiotics and appetite stimulant but no improvement. Next step was a blood test. His blood was so thin it was barely pink. This cat has been FELV positive since birth but never had any symptoms or illness until this incident. We started to think that this was just his disease kicking in coincidentally with the food recall but wanted answers. We sent the food to a lab in Seattle to be tested and it came back POSITIVE for salmonella. So, here was our otherwise healthy kitty, with a compromised immune system because of his FELV statis, trying to fight off this salmonella bacteria from his food. It took too much of a toll on his system and we had to put him down. Devastating….heartbreaking. We have been talking to several people at Natura and they say NO OTHER animals have been reported ill because of this recalled food…really? Well, now there has! Please don’t EVER buy food from this company again…we won’t! And we will tell everyone we can about this.

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The voluntary recall of Innova products that was first announced on March 18, 2013 has been expanded to all Innova dry dog and cat foods and a cat treat with expiration dates before and including March 24, 2014. As a precaution, these products are being recalled due to potential Salmonella contamination.- Innova's Cat & Kitten Dry Cat Food formula is designed for cats in all life stages. This formula includes turkey and chicken as the main sources of protein, also including lactose-free milk. Other ingredients are potatoes, eggs, barley and cottage cheese. The Guaranteed Analysis of this formula contains 36% protein and 20% fat.