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Spoil your kitty with a realistic cat tree! Whether you are in a smaller condo or aparment the real cat tree seedling is the perfect cat tree to last you for years to come.

Never replace your cat's tree every again!

Crafted from real wood, cedar, plush carpet, and synthetic silk leaves these are cat trees that look like trees and have been rigorously tested in cat habitats. When your kitty climbs the movement, rustling, and flexibility brings out their natural instinct of curiosity. The carpet is removable for ease of care & not only is the realistic cat tree a durable play center for your cats, it has been beautifully constructed to blend in with your home.

*Pet Tree Houses are real trees and are for indoor use only. They are susceptible to humidity and must be kept in a climate controlled environment. Expect a small amount of movement in the Tree as it adapts to its new home.

Tree House comes with the highest quality silk leaves found exclusively for these trees. Leaves are shape-able and removable for easy cleaning.

Our Kali Ko Five Level Indoor Cat Tree is a perfect way to provide exercise and entertainment for your feline.

These DIY cat condos/trees look great! I am currently building a kitty enclosure for the backyard that I am planning to have something like this inside for them. It won’t be totally out in the open against the weather since it will have a roof, but the sides of the enclosure that aren’t against the house will be made of Phifer Pet Screen. That being said, are there different materials choices that you would recommend for a somewhat outdoor condo? I don’t really want carpeting that may mold if wet from rain, for example, but I don’t want to just use treated wood either…seems kinda boring for the cats. Any suggestions you might have?

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Your cats will enjoy playing and resting on these indoor and outdoor cat trees and condos Add new things to the environment. Empty boxes, an empty paper bag, tubes from paper towel and toilet paper rolls are fun for cats. Bird feeders hung outside the window near a cat tree or post might provide hours of entertainment for an indoor cat. Try adding water bowls, litter boxes, cat trees, scratching posts and even grooming sessions.

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Cat trees come in a wide range of designs. It may take a bit of searching to find a rustic design that meets all of your needs, but the right choice will give the trees' future inhabitants years of wonderful opportunities for play and exercise.

Brown/ White 64-inch Tall Cat Tree Tower Condo