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I was blown away by the creativity and beautiful of this furniture. I hope to integrate something like this in our new home for my indoor brood who are all rescues. All of you are obvious kitty lovers, so I wanted to bring to your attention an online international petition to help a soldier being tried in Italy for saving a dying cat. If you could cut and paste the URL below to your browser to sign and forward, it would be much appreciated. thank you.

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Wall systems for cats are the latest innovation in cat furniture

Indoor cat climbing furniture generally goes by various names, including cat trees, cat condos (or kitty condos), and cat gyms. CatsPlay makes it easy for you to find a cat furniture selection that matches your personal style and your home's decor. By navigating our site using the Cat Furniture by Style link, you can easily browse hundreds of cat tree and kitty gyms options in a number of style categories: Traditional Carpeted Cat Furniture: Carpeted cat furniture has long been a favorite for cat owners, as it provides a comfortable play and resting space for their feline friends, and can blend with interior decor. CatsPlay offers hundreds of carpeted cat tree selections in every price range and style,...

Outdoor (or Indoor) Cedar Cat Gym.

Sometimes my cat will poo then bury his poo, then later dig it up and carry it around the house, usually finding a spot up high where he’ll just sit with it until I clean it away. So I wouldn’t be happy to build this kind of furniture in my house for this exact reason

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Like many products today, there is also a wide selection of different pieces of cat furniture. Your choice will depend on the kind of cat you own and the amount of space available in your house. Understand that it’s not necessary to provide a giant cat tree; a small tree will do just as well. When you start looking for cat furniture you will find there are plenty of models on pet market nowadays. The selection is so large and sometimes confusing, and you should consider the needs of your cat and have to make choice based on quality and price of the product. Learn how to select the right furniture for kitty considering her personality, body size and difference in constructions and material used with items []