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The combination of choosing a hypoallergenic breed of cat and bathing it regularly with a natural hypoallergenic , can allow allergy sufferers to experience the joy of having a cat, while keeping allergic reactions to a minimum. It is recommended to visit a specific breed to gauge potential allergic reactions, and to consult with a breeder before adopting.

How to live with a cat and cat allergies. 10 hypoallergenic cat breeds

List of the best hypoallergenic cats. For men and women who are allergic to cats, but absolutely need a feline friend, there are a number of hypoallergenic cat breeds to choose from. These are the best cat and kitten options for those who feel like sneezing every time they hear the words "Hello, Kitty." You might also enjoy these and the .

Still, it is extremely important to note when looking at these rankings of the top hypoallergenic cats that the term, "hypoallergenic cats," does not mean that these kitty cats will not induce allergic reactions. Rather, cats like the Abyssinian, the Balinese, and the Oriental Shorthair, are all kittens that are less likely to provoke an allergy attack in those individuals who are unfortunately allergic to cats. The Rexes are two perfect examples of this: the Devon Rex and the Cornish Rex are both fantastic breeds of cats for those who are allergic. The same can be said for the famous Sphynx, the Korat, and the Bengal - all beautiful cats and hypoallergenic to boot. If you're looking to own some pets, there are many types of allergy free cats.

So if your boyfriend thinks his cat allergy will keep you from adopting a furry friend, show him this list and have him think again. Vote up the best hypoallergenic cat below that keeps your allergies under control and is absolutely adorable to boot.

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How to live with a cat and cat allergies. 10 hypoallergenic cat breeds This will all depend on your child and the cat you are thinking about bringing home. We suggest you talk to your child’s healthcare professional to discuss her health and how it may be impacted by having a hypoallergenic cat in the home. Your local veterinarian may also be able to give you more information on the matter and help you learn more about these breeds.

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A company called recently claimed to be able to produce a so-called using , but it has now instead used traditional breeding methods, starting with cats that naturally lack the gene that produces the glycoprotein causing an allergic reaction in some people. However, no peer-reviewed studies have confirmed the company's claims and some scientists are skeptical of the company's assertions. Allerca is currently accepting orders for hypoallergenic kittens. Another company, , also claims to be developing a breed of hypoallergenic cat.

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Allerca was a company shrouded in controversy over its claims to have developed hypoallergenic cats. The company ceased doing business on the Allerca domain in 2015. This site details information about their past business and the claims they made.ALLERCA Lifestyle Pets did not claim 100% success for the hypoallergenic cats, as there were still a number of minor variables and each individual is different; however, it claims to have had a 96% success rate among clients who are extremely allergic to cats. All of our cats were provided with a 30 day return policy allowing you to live with one of our pets and ensure your are compatible with each other (in addition to a 12 month guarantee).People have claimed the Siberian cat as being hypoallergenic for years. In 1999 a company called Indoor Biotechnologies tested the fur of four cats. They were looking for the FEL D-1 protein, the culprit for allergies.The company stated: "There are NO other types of scientifically proven hypoallergenic cats, regardless of claims made by certain breeders (not even the hairless breeds - see section below "BEWARE: THE TRUTH ABOUT HYPOALLERGENIC BREEDS"). Many of our clients have tried these other "so-called" hypoallergenic cat breeds and have seriously reacted, sometimes resulting in hospital treatment. These same people had no reaction to our cats and 5% come back to purchase a second hypoallergenic pet."