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There’s no need to worry about if you add a few simple and natural products to your routine. Most commercial hairball treatments are based on petroleum jelly to lubricate the hairball. However, this jelly also blocks vitamin absorption through the digestive system. For long term use, choose containing fish oils, psyllium husks to help push the hair through, and other safe ingredients. Brushing your pet daily during the shedding seasons will also minimize the amount of hair they ingest – and the amount of loose fur that ends up on your furniture.

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So what’s a pet parent to do? First, if you want to be the pet parent of kitten or a cat, you need to accept that hairballs and cats go together like hand in glove. Once you accept this fact, you need to understand what hairballs are, why do cats get them, and how to treat them.

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Hairballs are usually harmless, but not always. Know the trouble signs to look out for. Every cat owner knows the telltale sound of an incoming hairball. For many, cleaning up vomit is just another part of feline care. However, hairballs and vomiting can indicate health conditions in cats ranging from cancer and kidney disease to allergies or internal obstruction. If your cat only vomits occasionally and does not exhibit any other symptoms, it is most likely not a cause for concern. The only exception is if the vomit consists mostly of blood, in which case you should immediately make an appointment with Animal Wellness Center for diagnosis and treatment.

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Cat cough that's caused due to hairballs can be easily treated at home. It's important for pet owners to determine if the cough is caused exclusively by hairballs, or if there are underlying diseases such as asthma or bronchitis that induce cat cough. Every cat ejects hairballs occasionally. However, if the cough is more chronic in nature, it's best to get the pet examined by a vet.

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You could try lubricants or other specially-formulated hairball treatments. However, the David Suzuki Foundation notes that petrolatum — or petroleum jelly or mineral oil — which is used in these products, has been associated with a risk of cancer and other health problems. VetInfo notes that using these products over a long-term basis can prevent your cat’s body from absorbing fat-soluble vitamins. Therefore, you might want to try a more .There are many reasons why your cat might start coughing. For instance, cats cough due to hairballs formed because they swallow hair while grooming. They also may cough just due to simple throat irritants, like pollen. However, your cat's cough might be caused by something more serious. Find out what causes cat coughs and how to treat them in .There are a number of hairball remedies marketed to help control hairballs. Most of these are petroleum based and work by trying to lubricate the hairball, making it more likely to be passed normally through the intestinal tract. These may be effective for some cats but are not effective in all cases. Some veterinarians, however, believe that these remedies can actually be harmful and have no place in the treatment or prevention of hairballs. Discuss your cat’s situation with your own veterinarian before you begin administering any of these products.My problem will be how to persuade the finicky hairbally cat to eat pumpkin without her donating (or regurgitating) this high GI treat for her (greedy, opportunistic) diabetic sister.