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For long-distance travelers, it would be time-efficient to travel with your cat by plane. Air transportation for pets, however, can be pretty pricey so it is important to reserve your flight well in advance. There are several things to keep in mind before you make your flight reservation. First, you will have the option to transport your cat as cargo or as a carry-on. Second, airlines may not accept pet cargo if at the time of travel, the weather is too hot or too cold. Third, you should try and reserve a non-stop flight to avoid any further complications when transferring at multiple airports.

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Animal navigation has long been something of a black box for scientists. The mystery of how nonhumans—without benefit of maps, language or GPS—manage to find their way from place to place, often over very great distances, recently when a dog walked 11 miles from its new home to return to a former foster owner. The feat was especially remarkable because the dog had been taken to its new location by car and had to find its way back on foot—meaning it hadn't had a chance to learn the route. Even more impressive was the that had been lost and found its way home after a journey of two months and 200 miles. So how do animals manage such prodigious—and precise—feats of travel?

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So, you want to take your cat on a trip with you, or you are moving Because your children can communicate with you, it is easy to explain to them what you are doing, what is going to happen, and why. However, our pets, and particularly dogs, look to us for communication and will never understand what is happening to them when traveling in an airline cargo hold unless they are prepared for it. As a pet owner faced with a relocation or long vacation involving great distance and necessitating traveling in an airplane where you cannot be with them, what can be done to help your pet understand what is going on and be confident enough to withstand the separation from you?

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How to Travel Long Distance With a Cat
Method 1 Preparing to Travel
1 - Keep health records on hand
2 - Have proper identification for your cat
3 - Calm your cat with supplements or pheromones
4 - Practice giving your cat sedatives
5 - Leave the crate out
Method 2 Traveling By Car
1 - Get a hard-shell crate
2 - Avoid feeding your cat right before the trip
3 - Bring along familiar items from home
4 - Prevent your cat from getting out of the car
Method 3 Traveling By Plane
1 - Research airline regulations
2 - Choose a direct flight and check your ticket information
3 - Consider using a soft-shell carrier
4 - Consider the environment of the cargo hold

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