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stops it sometimes by: Natalie I have a blind bangle that scratches too. He, however, does it for attention. I don’t remember when it started, but his favorite time to do it is 30 min before the alarm goes off. If he really wants your attention he will scratch and jump 4 ft up the wall. I find if I ignore him 50% of the time he will stop and 50% of the time he will add meows to it. When it gets really bad at night we lock him and his sister out of the bedroom by putting a baby gate up about 1 foot away from the door and shut the door. Yes this is mean but when you spend most the night up for a week you will do anything for sleep, Plus it makes him stop for a while. Oh and the squirt gun does not work for our cats. a) they love water and b) they think its a game when we squirt them. Strange cats I know!! Rating

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alex The Soft Paws won't stop the cat from clawing at the door, but it will minimize damage. They need to be changed frequently as they will fall off as the cat's claws grow out. However, the cat will still try to wake you up in the morning. If you get up and respond to the cat when it does this, you are training the cat to scratch at the door for attention. Try just ignoring the cat, no matter how persistent it is. Also, Cats don't like loud noises, so one thing you can do is put some coins in a soda can and when the cat scratches, shake the can from the other side of the closed door.

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This article will teach you how to stop your cat from scratching bedroom door at night, which will help you sleep better. How to stop cats from scratching the carpet? The CarPET Scratch Stopper! It fits under the door and keeps your cat from scratching carpet in the places that they love to destroy.

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Here is how we stopped our cats from waking us up scratching doors in the middle of the night. It only takes 2 seconds of this contraption to send them running. Between the loud noise of the shop vac and the strong blast of wind coming out of the hose port, not to mention the strobe light...they never had a chance!

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The only guaranteed way to stop your cat from scratching a given area or object is to block her access to it. Closing doors may be the simplest solution. However, if this is not practical, there are booby traps you can set up to discourage scratching. A tower of plastic cups that topples over when bumped can be placed in front of scratchable items to startle your cat whenever she begins to scratch. Items covered with blankets, sheets of plastic, or double-sided tape also hinders scratching behavior. A more expensive tactic is to purchase an indoor fence that delivers mild, harmless shock when your cat crosses a given boundary.