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I have a cat that is 3 years old who I love dearly. The cat is at the point of scratching furniture. How do I stop it from happening without declawing her?

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Cat Scratching Solutions by a Veterinarian

How to Stop a Cat from Clawing Furniture. (This may come in handy as I'm finally getting my kitten this week!) :D How to fix cat scratches on a leather couch cat scratch leather repair image led stop a cat from clawing furniture step 4 leather sofa cat deep scratches

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Discourage Inappropriate Cat Scratching
Foremost on your mind is stopping the inappropriate scratching on your sofa, chairs and rugs. But how do you allow this needed behavior while stopping him from destroying your furniture? It’s really as simple as offering your cat more appropriate places to sharpen his claws and exercise those paws, while making the other places unappealing to him.

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Herbal scent and taste deterrents can also be useful for preventing your dog from scratching or chewing on your furniture. However, if you catch your dog mid-scratch then experts recommend that you do a short, sharp clap that is just enough to startle him into stopping. You can then redirect him to a toy that he can destroy, and communicate to him that the furniture is out of bounds for his teeth and claws!