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How To Remove Embarrassing Cat Urine Odor
How to remove embarrassing cat urine odor and smell using a simple, time proven formula. Cat urine remover for carpets and rugs.

Anyone who has ever owned a cat has likely had the experience of stepping in a cold puddle of urine on the floor at least once. When it's on linoleum or another washable surface, it's not so bad, but when it starts happening on carpet and rugs - then you've got a real problem. Urine can soak down deep and the smell can linger for months if not cleaned properly. Cats tend to go back to the same area they've urinated before, and even when we think the smell is gone, a cat's nose knows exactly where to do the dirty deed again.

Most people think that cat urine is worse than other types of animal urine, but there really isn't much difference. The problem is that it tends to not be noticed right away or cleaned up thoroughly, giving bacteria a chance to grow, producing the funky ammonia smell. The longer it sits, the worse it gets. The other problem is that it tends to seep down below the carpet into the floorboards where you have no hope of getting to it without pulling the carpet back. Not very practical if the cat has urinated in the middle of the room.

Why cats choose to urinate outside the litter box varies and can be complicated. If your cat is doing it frequently, you will want to consider the reasons behind the behavior and ways you can prevent future accidents.

Why cats choose to urinate outside the litter box:
1. Litter Box Problems
2. Marking territory and dominance
3. Unfamiliar new objects or smells
4. Anxiety, Stress and other behavioral problems
5. Health problems

There are few truly effective home remedies that work well in removing cat urine odors and stains. What seems to work for one person doesn't work for another. Perhaps this is because different urine-soaked surfaces require different methods or solutions. Most people try dozens of things before finding something that does the job and agree that bleach, perfume-based products, and ammonia-based products do not work and likely to make the problem worse.

Products you will need:
01. 5 gallon container
02. 1 gallon of hot, hot water
03. White Vinegar - 1 cup
04. Comet or Ajax - 1 Cup
05. Cleaning agent "Mr. Clean" - 1/2 cup
06. Baking Soda -- Use As Needed
07. Scrubbing Brush preferably wood and not plastic.
08. A multi-purpose cleaner like "Spray Nine"
09. A towel or blanket
10. Vacuum Cleaner

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Again I am glad that you described how cat urine becomes smelly and how to remove i and not just mask it.

Removing cat urine smell from hardwood floors can be challenging. For a home solution, try hydrogen peroxide applied directly to the affected area. Pour the hydrogen peroxide over the stain and then cover it with a clean cloth soaked in hydrogen peroxide. Cover the cloth with plastic wrap, weighting it with a book if necessary. Allow this to sit overnight or for at least 8 hours. The hydrogen peroxide should remove any stains and eliminate the urine odor. However, hydrogen peroxide can lighten the floors and the affected area may need to be sanded and refinished. Hydrogen peroxide also will work for dog urine stains and odor as well.
Determining options for getting cat and dog urine smells out of hardwood floors can seem daunting. If the project seems too overwhelming, it’s time to call in for professional help. Cat urine or dog urine, it doesn’t matter, the professionals at ServiceMaster have the expertise and right equipment to remove urine smell from hardwood floors.

How to Remove the Smell of Cat or Dog Urine from Upholstery

How to remove cat smell from the carpet | Hometalk Head to Petco and pick up some cat urine remover and cleaner to help keep your house smelling fresh. Cat urine naturally attracts the attention of other felines, and unfortunately produces some rather foul odors. Further, your kitty will tend to reuse the same spots making the problem worse. There may be multiple reasons that your furry friend isn’t using their litter box such as an infection, arthritic joints or an internal issue that your veterinarian will need to diagnose. In the meantime, you may still be wondering how to get rid of urine smell from your furniture, drapes and clothes. Luckily, Petco has you covered with a full range of cat urine remover and cleaners to eliminate that funky odor.

How to remove cat smell from carpet | Hometalk

I was ooking for something besides Nature's Miracle, and a sales clerk in a pet supply store told me she was impressed by Skout's Honor, which had just come on the market but was not yet delivered to the store. I ordered it from Amazon. It instantly removed the cat urine odor from the grout in my tile floor and from the plastic cat box, which is old and smelly.
I collect all my laundry water in a big plastic tub in the back yard, and it had come to stink also. I sprayed the tub with Skout's Honor and the filthy smell was instantly gone. 2 months later, the laundry tub has developed that smell again, and I know how to get rid of it now.

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