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As usual, we think it’s important to explore the behavior and then we will go into how to prevent the behavior and protect your furniture. When you come home and see shredded furniture, you may feel like your kitty has personally wronged you. It’s important to understand that scratching is a natural instinct and behavior. Scratching something that is healthy for your cats and their well-being. The biggest clue to prevent your cat from scratching is to accept that your cat will always want to (need to?) scratch. With that accepted, there are great options to protect your furniture.

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Shelly's cats are not unique — all cats scratch objects.

How to Prevent Cats from Scratching Furniture Are you wondering how to prevent cats from scratching furniture Are you wondering how to prevent cats from scratching furniture? Do you have cats that tear your furniture and give you run for your money? Here’s something important for you to read. Let’s first ask ourselves – why do cats tear furniture?

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A cat will scratch furniture and other objects in your household in an effort to cure boredom, exercise a bit, and mark their surroundings. However, one of the best ways to deter this action is to present suitable alternatives (like a scratching post). Contrary to popular belief, your cat will most likely not know what to do with this object and will need a little coaching. Many owners must train their cats to scratch their posts, followed by lots of praise and rewards when they catch on. To prevent your cat from scratching up the furniture, you should:

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Herbal scent and taste deterrents can also be useful for preventing your dog from scratching or chewing on your furniture. However, if you catch your dog mid-scratch then experts recommend that you do a short, sharp clap that is just enough to startle him into stopping. You can then redirect him to a toy that he can destroy, and communicate to him that the furniture is out of bounds for his teeth and claws!