Nov 4, 2014 - If you like the traditional cat tree, that's okay

About twenty years ago when we were poor as church mice we saw cat towers on sale and they were out of our range. We decided to build our own cat tree. We designed and constructed a cat tree that for a time also doubled as a telephone table while the moggies were content with the lower decks. Then the Persians arrived and evicted the phone!

It seemed a kind thing to do to buy them the best that we could afford and so we did. We took it home and assembled it - a five foot palace complete with cave. Four years later and it was in shreds whilst home made Cat Palace was still as good as ever!

Both were and still are equally popular, but Cat Palace number 2 needs replacing pretty soon whilst our twenty year old monster needs only "rewinding" with sisal rope. Whilst we decide whether we would rather replace expensively at four year intervals or build another D.I.Y. Palace at the cost of a few days labour and some cheap builders yard items, I decided to write a lens about how to make your own homemade cat tree. If you want to make your own cat condo, this lens may be a good place to start looking for ideas about materials and design.

DIY Network shows you how to make a custom cat tower using sisal rope, carpet and plywood.

Do you want to buy a really huge cat tree or are they a little expensive right now? If so, if you adore your cat, why not make your own cat tree or scratching post? Even with our very limited carpentry skills, we did. Cat trees are so expensive, and not necessarily longer lasting, so if you build your own cat tower you could be doing yourself a favor in the long run and the cats will enjoy the fruits of your labour for years to come. However, if this seems too difficult, there are some really huge cat trees on sale here too.

But you don't need to spend hundreds to make one

DIY Network shows you how to make a custom cat tower using sisal rope, carpet and plywood. Here I will show you how to make a Cat Tower. I have 5 cats who needed a cat tower. I wanted a pink cat tower, but could not find one to buy which suited my needs - so I made one.

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