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Uh oh! Your cat has just peed on the carpet in your much-used living room. Fret not! This is a guide on how to get rid of Cat Pee Smell.

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How to get rid of cat urine smell is one of the biggest questions cat owners have when it comes to dealing with bad behavior. The problem is, you may have already “fixed” the cause of the issue, i.e. you’ve stopped your cat from urinating or the offending feline is no longer there, but the effects still linger (cat urine smell) on things like carpet, rugs, furniture, clothing and worse, in the air. Cleaning cat urine odor from your home can be easy or difficult, all depending on how many places it exists and also how many other smells around the home are present to help mask the cat pee odor. Whatever the case may be, if you have cat urine smell, you need to get rid of it. Besides being annoying and unpleasant, this potent smell can be extremely bothersome to overly sensitive people and can be a big turn off to visitors, other pets and, of course, prospective buyers if you’re selling your home. In this article, let’s take a look at some of the most common methods people have used for cat urine odor removal and how well they do at resolving the problem for you and your nose!

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how to get rid of cat pee smell out of carpet My byofriend and I have recently moved back home with my parents due to problems with our landlord. My parents moved from a beautiful 5 bedroom home to rent a 2 bedroom apartment since they were the only ones living home, well in this 2 bedroom apartment, they have 7 cats!!!! and no matter how clean and neat the litter pans are, the cats tend to go to the bathroom EVERYWHERE! the smell is horrible, the littler pans are in the basement so thankfully they usually go down there, but they still go up strais sometimes, they pee on the couch, they pee on the hard wood flooring, they pee on the fridge, they pee EVERYWHERE My parents just started renting this home and are already wanting to give up with trying to keep up with the clenliness due to the smell, i have tried numerous times for my mom to bring a few of the cats to the shelter, but she just wont part, how do i get the cats to stop peeing everywere except the litter box? and how do i get the smell out of EVERYTHINg from, wood flooring, to laminent basement flooring, to the walls, to the furniture. I cant even invite friends in anymore its that embarrassing, what do i do to get the urine and feces smell out? PLEASE HELP ME SOLVE THIS MESS!!!!

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just got rid of my sons cat which has been peeing on my linoleum floor, against the wall, where the pee goes under the floor molding.. i have sprayed vinegar and water, but u can still smell it when u walk in my door. that smell has got to go!! i am having a baby shower here in 5 days and i have really got to get that smell gone..pleeeeease help!! thank you.

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