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It contains a lot of silicones. My hair loves silicones and so I love silicones too.
Silicones are a type of emollient. Emollients lubricate our hair fibres making it easier to detangle and comb. They seal in the hairs internal moisture and block out external moisture (this helps to reduce how frizzy hair becomes in humid conditions). Emollients also helps to smoothen hair cuticles so that it looks healthy and shiny. Emollients therefore helps to make our hair look and feel good/smooth.

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Never try to cut out a mat. Cats have very delicate skin and, because mats happen close to the skin and because you can't really see what you are doing as a result, it's very easy to cut into the skin and cause excessive bleeding and a wound that may even need stitching. Alternatively, if you nick the skin and it goes unnoticed, the area can get badly infected. The longer the cat's hair, the more likely it is to mat. That's why, apart from regular brushing and combing, it's also important to run your fingers through your cat's fur. Removing badly matted fur can be painful to your cat. And, often, if the situation is very bad, her entire coat will have to be shaved. This is definitely a job for a professional pet stylist or veterinarian, both of whom have the tools and the knowledge about how to remove mats efficiently without stressing or injuring your pet in the process. When you book your appointment, also ask for advice about the correct shampoo, detangling conditioners and sprays that you can use at home as part of your regular grooming routine.

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Treat a cat for matted fur with daily brushing and combing The info of how can hair mats be prevented and removed from cat is such a good thing to know for any cat owners. In order to remove or detangle the matted fur of the cat, you need to know the condition of the problem first. If there is the small problem of the hair mats which happens to your cat, you can try to detangle it by brushing it. You can also use the powder for helping it to be detangled easier. However, when it happens more seriously, you can simply find all of the matted fur and try to remove them by cutting them off. Still, if it becomes much more serious so that you are unable to do that, perhaps it needs to be shaved. You can go to a vet for getting the possible treatment. For the worse condition ones in which there are the large area which needs to be shaved, anaesthetic might be needed.

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Cats shed their fur during specific periods. However, fur lossthat's caused due to skin conditions such as alopecia, dermatitis orskin allergy needs medical treatment. Although cats routinely groomthemselves to maintain their fur coats, pets also develop conditionssuch as cat hairball due to the ingestion of hair during routinegrooming. Pet owners should thus groom the cat with a brush to avoidexcessive self-grooming and cat hairballs. Cats that appear sick orlethargic may avoid their routine grooming which in turn leads tomatted hair. Thick knots are difficult to detangle with a comb and maycause the pet pain, if the mats are located towards sensitive areas ofthe body.

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