Cat Scratching Log - Horizontal scratching post

Scratching posts come in two primary designs: Vertical and horizontal. Vertical are the ones that are secured in on a platform of wood (and may be a or ). These are great for younger cats who love to explore, cats who love to climb, and cats who have their claws. Vertical scratching posts are wonderful for cats who love to stretch on trees.

Horizontal sisal rope Cat Scratching Post 15” x 4 ½” #MrFinnsScratchpost

As per their cardboard scratchers, Charley and Billie have actually brought out a varied range of their new scratching post. Not only is there a range of smart materials for your post. But, you can also get tall posts, fatter posts or even a horizontal post. Therefore, you can pick the post your cat will love the most. And you can pick the scratcher in the material you prefer.

Cat Scratching Log Horizontal scratching post by SAYSCULPTURES

Cat Scratching Log Horizontal scratching post by SAYSCULPTURES, $17.60 As we learned above, your cat thinks it's great to have scratching posts with different structures and textures. Consider a sisal fabric post in one room and a horizontal cardboard scratcher in another. If space permits, a in a favorite room will be greatly appreciated by your cat.

Cat Scratching Log Horizontal scratching post by SAYSCULPTURES

Whether cardboard, wood, or sisal, vertical or horizontal, simple or elaborate, an effective scratching post exists to satisfy every demanding cat and owner. Choosing a post to please your cat can be an adventure, with vigorous scratching and purring the reward.

Cat Scratching Log Horizontal scratching post by SAYSCULPTURES

Provide a variety of scratching posts with different qualities and surfaces. Try giving your cat posts made of cardboard, carpeting, wood, sisal and upholstery. Some cats prefer horizontal posts. Others like vertical posts or slanted posts. Some prefer a vertical grain for raking, while others favor a horizontal grain for picking. Once you figure out your cat’s preference for scratching, provide additional posts of that kind in various locations. Keep in mind that all cats want a sturdy post that won’t shift or collapse when used. Most cats also like a post that’s tall enough that they can stretch fully. (This may be why cats seem to like drapes so much!)Cats need both horizontal scratchers and vertical scratching posts. While many cats seem to perfer one over the other, all cats do scratch on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Most cats prefer sisal or jute rope wrapped posts rather than carpeted posts. Most cats like the inexpensive flat corrugated cardboard scratchers. For cats who mostly prefer upright scratching, a scratching post with a wide, carpeted base can serve for both vertical and horizontal scratching. We offer a variety of solid wood scratching posts to fit the scratching preference of your cat, from sisal and manila rope to cedar posts, and for cats that like to scratch horizontally or vertically. We’ve got you covered.Some cats prefer vertical surfaces and some prefer horizontal surfaces. A good bet is to buy an inexpensive flat corrugated cardboard scratcher, available almost anywhere, and have it available (as well as a cat post).