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NOTE: If you are feeding a/d® Canine/Feline food, this food cannot be made into homemade cat treats using the recipes below. However, we do have a suggestion on how you can make a special homemade cat treat using a/d® that is at the bottom of this article. Homestyle Suppers, Tender Dinners and canned foods wit,h chunks in gravy cannot be made into cat treats using these recipes. Instead please use a minced or loaf form of .

cat food in gravy or we make our own gravy by pouring homemade broth on it.

My cat is very sick with hyperthyroid. She won’t eat much of anything, and consequently
often doesn’t get her Rx. Any ideas for homemade cat food and gravy? Thanks.

Dec 3, 2008 - Does anyone have a recipe for a cat gravy

or make homemade cat food with stuffing and gravy like lindsey and i did

I have a 19 year old and he will only lick the gravy from his food

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