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Each year, the tens of thousands of lost and unwanted kittens, puppies, cats and dogs in our state face homelessness, abuse, starvation, disease, injury, and death roaming the streets. Even after reaching shelters, the vast majority cannot be saved, despite the tireless efforts of animal control officers, shelter employees, rescue organizations, and members of the public. The irony, of course, is that overpopulation can be prevented.

are all volunteers working for the same cause - to help homeless dogs and cats. We do

Almost Home Foundation is committed to reducing the number of homeless and unwanted companion animals through education programs, spay /neuter programs, and the responsible re-homing of dogs and cats through adoption programs.

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DC PAWS relies on volunteers to rescue, find homes and save homeless dogs and cats from rural, under-resourced counties and... Chances are, you have seen a few of these dogs and cats living outside in your own community. With cold weather approaching and a in the forecast, it may be time to help. Read on to learn what you can do to help homeless dogs and cats survive the winter.

SeaWorld Uses Homeless Cats and Dogs

Founded in June 2002, AHS rescues and cares for homeless pets. We take in dogs and cats that have been abused, neglected, abandoned. There are a variety of other reasons people relinquish their dog or cat to us as well: lack of time, moving, allergies, new baby etc. We save those scheduled for euthanasia at other shelters due to their lack of space. Once rehabilitated and ready, they are carefully matched with prospective adopters and placed in loving homes. Over 33,000 pets have been adopted from Animal House Shelter.

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Before this, enormous numbers of animals who went into shelters never came out. More than 40 years ago, an average of 20 million dogs and cats were euthanized annually. Humane organizations started a campaign to spay and neuter pets, especially those coming through shelters, and today —still terrible, but a vast improvement. In addition to pet sterilization, an effort also began to find accommodations for homeless animals outside the municipal and private shelter systems, which have limited room and often short deadlines for keeping animals before moving them to death row. The new organizations take potentially adoptable pets out of the shelters and foster them, usually in private homes, until the right owner comes along. They control the fate of an increasing number of animals. In New York City, for example, almost 45 percent of the dogs and cats that come into are passed to one of more than 150 private rescue groups.Founded in 2000, Country Acres Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, St. Louis based organization whose primary concern lies with the over population and unnecessary suffering of domestic animals in our community. We are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, socialization and placement of homeless, abandoned and abused/neglected cats, dogs, kittens, and puppies.