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Home Depot apparently heard the public's response. On Wednesday, a spokesperson for the retailer announced that the black cat , adding that they would still like to see a "healthier, safer environment for the cat" as she ages.

To learn more about The Home Depot's successful brand storytelling starring Richard the cat, I talked with , spokesperson for The Home Depot.

about an Ontario family who claimed their kitten (named Luna) became ill and died due to a chemical (ethylene glycol) that had been sprayed on a Christmas tree they had purchased at a Canadian Home Depot location:

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Shop our selection of Cat Supplies in the Outdoors Department at The Home Depot. Home Depot’s official Facebook account posted a reply to the thread on 2014, and their response addressed another consideration: Whether or not cut Christmas trees are frequently sprayed with artificial snow, many trees are sold from at given Home Deport location, but even though some of those trees go to homes where cats reside, there has not been a reported rash of cat poisonings due to the use of artificial snow on cut Christmas trees:

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warning about Home Depot Christmas trees was posted to social media, leaving little time for the circumstances of the kitten’s death to be fully investigated. If the warning were to be taken at face value, a comprehensive necropsy confirming ethylene glycol toxicity and test of the tree definitively determining the latter as the source of the toxin would had to have occurred inside the space of only a few hours. (Quite possibly the cat ingested something harmful that was present in the household somewhere other than on the branches of the family’s newly purchased Christmas tree.)

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