Bionaire's high-tech cat litter box - New Atlas

Made with high quality wood pieces, the Designer Catbox is a fully functional cat litter box with storage for your litter accessories. The litter pan, litter scoop and other accessories are completely hidden from family and guests. Also included is a hook to hold the litter scoop.

My cat makes a mess out of the litter box. I think the high sides might help

This is usually your typical type cat box which comes in all sizes.
These litter receptacles are not high walled and do not offer privacy for your cat, in some cases some branded products offer attachments, such as hooded and ramp add-on’s.

Just for Cats - High Sided Cat Litter Box (Non-hooded)

Mona is a long tall cat and get litter everywhere in our bathroom. I think a litter box with high walls would be puuurrfect for her. There are many types of cat boxes on the market, however it can can be a painful experience in choosing the right litter solution for your cat because there are so many types which includes hooded, disposable, closed ended, top entry, corner, high sided, Automatic, semi-automatic and the list goes on.

Just for Cats - High Sided Corner Cat Litter Box (Non-hooded)

Cat litter boxes stink to high heaven. Worse, many cat owners gradually acclimate to the odor, creating an awkward situation for house guests. If you are a cat ...

Some cats dislike litter boxes with high sides

The cats had no problem getting used to the box. It works exactly as advertized and is actually easier to clean than we had expected. We highly recommend this box if you're looking for a quick, easy and mess free way to keep your cat's litter box clean."Using a Sharpie, I drew freehand what would be the opening. Keep in mind that you’ll want the opening high if you have a cat that pees standing up. They’ll be less likely to pee with their rear-end hanging out the door. I put the opening at the narrow end of the box because that’s what our cats are used to and I think they’re less likely to pee out the door that way. Then I carefully cut out the opening with a utility knife. (Another option would be to cut the opening in the lid so that it looked something like )