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Cats, unlike dogs, are obligate carnivores. For this reason and to promote urinary health, we recommend that at least fifty percent of your cat's diet be canned food. We have selected canned food for a combination of low calories and low carbohydrates. These are recommended canned high moisture content foods:

The highest density food is Iams Maximum Calorie which is another .... Recently I discovered how much cats love canned sardines packed in ...

…fat levels, is the secret to Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Indoor Light 40 Dry Cat Foods success. Created with natural flavors that make it highly palatable, Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Indoor Light 40 Dry food for cats provides your overweight cat with an appealing, low calorie diet.

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Right now she eats IAMS/AD high calorie food mixed with regular canned cat food Apr 25, 2015 ... Therefore, it's extremely important to feed aging cats high-quality protein, .... of calories as protein, unless the cat can eat large amounts of food, ...

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Should I Feed My Elderly Cat Canned Or Dry Food ? Over the years ..... So select canned or fresh, meat-based diets that are high in calories. Most older cats ...

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Felines have specific dietary requirements that can vary over time. A cat recovering from an illness or stressor or an older cat may require a diet that is high in caloric content to add or maintain body weight. Many canned cat foods sold in stores have additives and preservatives that some veterinarians maintain can do more harm than good. Prepare homemade high caloric cat food with natural ingredients to ensure that only the best nutrients nourish your cat's body.A high-calorie pet formula packs a nutrient-dense punch and has even saved the lives of cats that are in need of gaining weight. Because of the calorie density in such formulas, a cat can ingest about one-quarter of the bulk of standard cat food and get the same nutritional benefit. Below, Virginia-based veterinarian Dr. Katy Nelson, who is a member of the Iams Pet Wellness Council, weighs in on when a higher-calorie formula may or may not be right for your furry friend.The highest density food is Iams Maximum Calorie which is another vet diet. It has significantly more calories in, but it's pretty nasty stuff, don't think any cat is going to eat it on their own. It's very soupy at room temp and will gel up when you store the leftovers in the fridge. It's best suited for syringe feeding or a feeding tube seems like, but if you can get your hands on one can at a time (I ultimately mail ordered a case of 12 and didn't use them all) it could be worth testing to see.I have a 16 year old Siamese cat who can't eat much anymore. Her teeth are probably bad and I can't afford the treatment. I've been giving her a high calorie food that comes in a tube. Is there anything else I can give her maybe like in liquid form with high calories? She drinks very little cat sip and drinks water normally.