Hidden litter box with de-littering cat walk - All

Parker and Goblin help assemble and review their new litter pan! "Finally, a litter box you don't have to hide! The Hidden Litter Box looks like a clay pot. Complete with an attractive high-quality plant, Hidden Litter will enhance the décor of any room. No one will know if your cat doesn't tell!"

I purchased it here-

Cutest way to hide cat litter box!!! My husband and I made this last night and I love it!

This litter box may be a little overpriced considering that is made from plastic, but it really does a good job in hiding the litter box with a decorative idea and most cats like to use this unit.

Hidden litter box with de-littering cat walk - All

DIY: Hidden Cat Litter Box — 2 Sisters 2 Houses. Awesome IKEA hack to hide your cat's litter box! I like this idea I have been thinking of doing this for years. I have always been fortunate enough to have an inconspicuous place to keep the litter box, but I’d still like to find a better way to hide it. Now it is in the laundry room and it would be nice to have a little extra counter space in there. Your cat is so adorable! you have some great photos of him. What a cutie.

DIY hidden Cat Litter Box inside an IKEA toy box

Custom Sandstone Decor Hidden Litter Cat Box with Palm Plant. This upscale Hidden Litter planter is made to look like real pottery. Litter box Planter measurements: Inside top dia. is 17 inches, inside bottom dia. is 15 inches, height is 17 inches excluding plant.

The Kitty Pass Interior Cat Door, Pet Door Hidden Litter Box.

Hide a way Litter Box. - I bought a storage trunk at Target, cut a hole in it just big enough for the cat to get in. The litter box fits to the left of the hole so even if the dog gets her head in, she can't get to the litter. And it looks cute! WIN!!DIY Hidden Litter Box! We got rid of the litter trails and ugly open litter box and transformed it into this nice looking bathroom cabinet. Cat used and approved! | Meow and LaterWe all know cats rule, but their litter boxes can be an eyesore. Get creative with these cool ways to hide and incorporate your kitty's litter box into your home's decor. and like OMG! get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat apparel!DIY litter boxes operate on one basic principle: hide it in plain sight. Infamously ingenious blog nails it with their “FAKTUM kitty loo,” an appropriated wall cabinet turned horizontal. Placing a textured mat between the litter box and exit can help reduce cleanup by catching errant particles before they hit the carpet.A DIY Cat Litter Box Holder is a simple homemade way to hide a kitty litter box. Give your cat's space a fresh makeover! Home hidden litter container. DIY Home Organizing Idea for Pets. I used Tidy Cats LightWeight with Glade Tough Odor Solutions Clean Blossoms. #sponsored10 Ideas For Hiding Your Cats Litter Box // Don't sacrifice style for your cat's litter box. This modern looking cabinet will fit right into your home without looking like the dirty litter box it actually is.