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How does this work to help your cat get rid of hairballs? Essentially, it’s a way of adding a large amount of fiber to your cat’s diet. Since fiber helps stools pass, this homemade wheat bran recipe is a great way to help your cat pass hairballs through the digestive tract.

There are a number of tricks that can minimize hairballs. Even if a cat is not frequently passing hairballs, these techniques can be helpful:

A change of diet may help your cat pass and eliminate the swallowed hair. Your veterinarian may suggest a diet that consists of more fiber. Fiber is known to keep the intestinal tract functioning properly, and this is just what your cat needs to pass the swallowed hair through their body. You can also talk to your veterinarian about giving your cat food and treats that are designed to prevent hairballs.

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There are a number of tricks that can minimize hairballs. Even if a cat is not frequently passing hairballs, these techniques can be helpful: Fiber: Your cat may need a little extra fiber to get things moving in the right direction—fiber helps encourage hairballs to pass through the cat’s digestive system. There are cat foods that offer more fiber than others, so you may have to supplement it into your cat’s diet.

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There are also other products such as hairball remedies that come in a tube and can be placed on the cat’s tongue. These products usually resemble petroleum jelly. However, they are totally different as petroleum jelly is toxic and should never be used in place of hairball remedy. You can also try discouraging your cat from grooming too often if you notice that he does it more often than what seems normal. While there are no proven methods of eliminating hairballs, some of the above strategies may help to at least make the problem a bit more manageable. Some cat owners rarely ever notice hairballs as the cat passes them when outside or when the owner is nowhere near. However, some cats have a much bigger problem getting rid of hairballs than others.

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Don’t panic. It is rare for a cat to need a hairball surgically removed. In most cases, adjusting the diet and adding in a healthy oil to their diet will help relieve the issue. What you want to do is use extra virgin coconut oil (organic is best) and allow your kitty to eat up to a tablespoon of this a day until the hairball is passed through either end. If they don’t like it, just melt it down and add some to each meal. If you don’t have coconut oil, pure olive oil is the second best option. For very picky cats, butter can be used but it should never be given in excess or for more than a few days. It has to be pure butter as well. Never give your cat spreads of any kind.If you suspect your cat is suffering from a hairball, something you can do at home is administer some petroleum jelly orally. Put the petroleum jelly on your cat's lip or paw and it will ingest the substance through licking. The jelly will coat your cat's intestines, which may help it to pass the hairball. It isn't a bad idea to give your cat petroleum jelly once or twice a week, especially if it grooms often. If that doesn't work, take your cat to the veterinarian.