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The Lazy Cup™ is fully washable. Simply place this cat bed in your washing machine and wash on the gentle cycle with cold water. To dry, use the no-heat cycle on your dryer or line-dry.

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Jolie likes to rest her chin on the edge of a low cuddle cup. It's comfortable, and allows her to see what's going on in the room if she hears a noise while snoozing. A unique cuddle cup is the . It has a peep hole built into the side, which will avoid the problem that can occur with the higher sided cuddle cups in a multi-cat home. Cats wanting to go in the bed can see that another cat is in it, before they jump in on top of the snoozing cat inside! A timid cat will be more likely to use this bed since the peep hole allows a view of what is going on in the area. This bed comes in three colors and two sizes.

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do you like to spoil your cat if yes you need to get this for your feline friend it is the heated cat cup bed the bed does what it says and
This kitty bed uses only four watts to warm it when it is on use ad it is MET listed. Its hood zips off just to create a kitty cup for your cat. Its heater and cover are removable for easy wash and care. This bed is perfect for indoor use, and its material is machine wash. Purchase it for your cat and your dog will love it too.

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Cozywinter's Thermo Kitty Bed is a great choice for aging cats and can also help relax active ones. The heated cat bed uses a four-watt heater and features dual thermostats. It uses power efficiently, since it only heats up when the cat is occupying the bed. It's UL listed and the heater is removable for easy cover cleaning.

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If your cat likes to hang out in an area where there is no accessible electrical outlet, then you may opt for the microwavable style or the self-heated version. If Kitty is a snuggler and likes to be enveloped or even be enclosed in its bed, then most likely the hut or cup-style of heated cat bed will be the purrfect fit.Some cats like or . They provide an extra sense of security, and help keep drafts off a cat who is in one. Cave beds can make a nice cozy "nest" for young kittens since they are protected on three sides and the top from drafts. Minerva usually sleeps in her cave cuddle cup, which is placed on the floor, every night in the winter. Treat your cat like royalty with one of the . The sleeping cushions are filled with 100% natural buckwheat hulls, which molds to the pet's body for maximum support and comfort.Bowsers Buttercup Cat Bed -- leave flat as a padded lounging circle, or pull the drawstrings for cupped bed. Sew a layer of metallic "space blanket" just under the fabric lining - it will make a soft, happy crinkling sound and to reflect the cat's body heat back to warm it up quickly.Cup-shaped heated cat beds are a hit with cats too, because even the walls can radiate warmth, ensuring your cat an all-around source of heat as long as it stays in bed.