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Lorena, Thanks for your excellent reviews on dry cat food. I had 5 rescue kittens that I weaned from their feral mama around 4 weeks of age. I started feeding them frisks pate which was recommended by a local rescue organization to help trap them. Once they were seen by a vet, they were all diagnosed with ring worm and put on a diet of hills ideal balance dry food supplemented with vita flora powder packets for 3 months. As they were originally used to the pate/ wet food, I began adding water to the dry food and supplement to get them to eat it. The two I have kept have been on that type of a diet since then. They get fairly moistened kibbles in the AM and PM and about a quarter cup of water with just about 10 kibbles in the afternoon or more when it is hot. I have recently purchased wellness complete health food and wondered if I could just continue this regime with it. Nowhere do I ever see anyone suggest wetting the kibbles but always recommend giving plenty of water or adding wet food throughout the week. I was just wondering why that has never been an option. Do you think there is any issue with doing this? Thanks for your thoughts on this.

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Slim & Healthy Natural Chicken & Peas Recipe Adult Cat Food is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for maintenance of adult cats.

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Dry food is simply not a very healthy or completely safe diet to be feeding to any cat. Hi Christina! when it comes to dry cat food, there is always a chance that one brand is not suitable for your particular cat and another it is. It’s about trial and error for most of us as cat owners. Wellness Core is not a bad cat food, although I wouldn’t state that is the perfect dry food for your cat. For example, I’ve tried Petcurean, Halo, Fromm, and very little of some of the non-very-healthy brands just because they clean my cat’s teeth better. My cat gets bored with the same food all the time so I switch between those brands. She particulary didn’t like Halo very much, but she stills eats it after a while when she gets bored of her food. The best mix so far that has worked perfect for my cat is half of Petcurean and half of Fromm Bird Game. Hope that helps!

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Hello Nancy. A good dry cat food, high in protein MUST be complemented with wet canned food and lots of water. Your cat got constipated because of the high in protein food, and maybe he does not drink enough water and doesn’t consume wet food either. Since your cat got used to eat some carbs and you want a recipe not too expensive, I suggest you to try Fromm Bird Game, feed your cat wet canned food (half & half) and get a water fountain for your cat. As a suggestion for wet food, I feed my cat “Wellness Healthy Indulgence Turkey & Chicken” and she does very well with it.

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Homemade cat food for your cat! I've been saving money on cat food (and feeding my cats a healthier diet) for the past 5 years with this recipe!Making Cat Food by Lisa A. Pierson, DVM :: homemade cat food, cat food recipes - unfortunately, a meat grinder is a must for these recipes. Still, it cuts down on the amount of poo, and the smell is greatly decreased in addition to improving your cat's health. So maybe it's not such a bad investment after all.