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While millions of Americans tune in to Sunday's Super Bowl, another intense competition will be going down at the same time: the This big game, however, involves slightly more cuddly players; "ultimate feline catsravaganza," it's a must-watch for cat lovers. Fluffy kittens are put into "teams" on a field filled with obstacles like hamster balls and tunnels. Depending on the cats' abilities to navigate the obstacles, their team moves the ball towards a touchdown. Tricky!

Thanks for that Doreen. I am not sure, though, that cats become dizzy or upset when pushed around inside a hamster ball.

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And cats attempting to stalk gerbils in the hamster ball are not unusual occurrences. Fortunately we have two boys to chase the cats away. You can of course leave the hamster running without the ball too, but it’s far more fun with. The toy works best on a floor but depending on the thickness of your carpet pile it could work on some carpets too. This toy is a lot of fun to have just for humans and I think it would make a fun silly toy to get for anyone who finds this sort of silliness funny. It really made me and my family laugh in hysterics for a bit.
It could also be a toy for cats although if your cats are anything like mine they might ignore it or be unimpressed with such a toy – still worth a try though:).

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Cats are very curious. But curiosity doesn’t always kill the cat. In this case, it’s the cat’s curiosity that led him to be trapped into this hamster ball. He tries to get out of it but the more he tries, the more he gets stuck. He does get out eventually and then goes back for more! This video will pick up your day.

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