Halloween Scratch Cat (With CatPika outfit!) on Scratch by CatPika.

It’s fantastic how many people have already bought their Halloween Costumes. I’m really quite surprised how early you have started your Halloween shopping. We hope we were able to help you get an early start finding something you liked. All I can say is there will be a lot of awesome Cats out this Halloween. That’s very exciting indeed. I wish I could see pictures of them all.

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This is such a fun Cat nose and a terrific add-on for any Cat costume. Easy to slip on, they look great with no worries about seeing. Breathing through your nose may be difficult and there’s a slight plastic smell. Something to keep in mind if you’re getting one, otherwise they’re great Halloween fun.

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My first ever Halloween video! A DIY cat costume. This video shows how to create s super easy DIY pair of cat ears, as well as a costume option for a cat. This costume is a two part video, the makeup is in another video:

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Extra Costume:
Spider-Witch Costume

*Special thanks to my dad for helping me film outside.*

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Include your furry friend in this year's Halloween celebrations by crafting a handmade costume for your dog or cat. Just be sure to use only soft, lightweight materials that don't obstruct your pet's movement, eyes, nose or mouth.

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Eva Senín Pernas, the Spanish makeup artist and photographer has created some jaw-dropping designs using makeup on lips, and they're super-spooky Halloween-themed. Check out some of her incredible creations, from the Batman logo to a witch's cat, evil pumpkins, ghost and ghouls. They're beautifully bewitching...In an effort to raise awareness about just how dignified, put together and effortlessly elegant cats are, several Instagram famous kitties have banded together to share their Halloween costumes with the world. This is like getting a peek into the Kardashians closest! How felines manage to look even more adorable in an outfit is beyond the realm of understanding, but it’s a real phenomenon.Cats in Halloween costumes are adorable. From lobster outfits to a scuba cat that's ready to go diving for its own fish, I can't get enough of these adorabWhat feline wouldn't want to dress up for Halloween as a swashbuckling hero and fairy tale icon Puss-in-Boots? had this costume a few years back. It lets your pet take on a heroic persona for Halloween. If you'd like to make your own, check out this video. Pop over to on how to make more cat costumes, and you'll find cute guinea pig costumes in