Disgusted by the hairballs your cat coughs up

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Hairball control cat food is a specially designed formula that helps eliminate hairballs in cats

Hairball Natural Chicken & Barley Recipe Adult Cat Food is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for maintenance of adult cats.

Usually, your cat will vomit the hairball to get rid of it

AvoDerm Indoor Cat food formulation for less active, overweight cats. Also controls hairball formations and litter box odors. …a delicious meal for finicky eaters as well as weight management, lean muscle maintenance and hairball control. With enhanced LIfeSource Bits, Blue Buffalo Blue Multi-Cat Health Chicken & Turkey Adult Recipe Dry Cat Food supports the health and well-being of your army of cats!

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…Science Diet Adult Hairball Control Light Formula Dry Cat Food. It contains nutrition that is precisely balanced to help avoid the formation of hairballs as well as the added bonus of controlling your cats weight. Hills Science Diet Adult Hairball Control Light Formula Dry Cat Food is also rich in…

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Hairball control cat food is a specially designed formula that helps eliminate hairballs in cats. As cats spend much of their time grooming themselves, much of the debris and loose hair in their fur is naturally swallowed. Their digestive tract is built to handle the digestion of fur, and to expel it with the waste. Some cats with robust digestive systems may never experience a hairball, though most cats will have at least one in their life. Species with longer hair, older cats and those with weakened digestive systems may experience hairballs more often, and sometimes will require a special diet to help control this. Despite some concerns, hairball control cat food has developed a reputation for effectiveness, and is quickly becoming a popular method to eliminate hairballs, rather than the traditional remedies available. As most cats will not have a hairball problem, some with weaker digestive systems may require additional support, and this special type of cat food may greatly reduce, or eliminate, hairballs. Hairball control cat food can be expensive, and for some cats it is the only way to reduce or eliminate the problem. However, cat owners can take a couple extra steps to help lessen the amount of hairballs a cat may be coughing up. One method is brushing frequently (sometimes daily if possible). You eliminate loose hair and debris that your cat will otherwise swallow. Many cat owners have also noticed that cats that like to eat grass more often have stomach upsets and hairballs. By keeping your cat away from this you may also help lessen the problem. Consider foods with high amounts of quality proteins and proper fats to meet the cat’s nutrient requirements. Foods should also include high levels of digestible and non-digestible fiber. Fibers can snag the hair in the stomach and help it pass through with food before it tangles and balls up with other hair in the stomach. A diet high in moisture can also keep a cat’s digestive tract hydrated, reducing the risk of hairball formation.