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Professional cat grooming will also allow you to check for potential medical problems, hair loss, inflammation, and unusual tenderness or lumps under the skin. Regular cat grooming is essential along with combing and brushing. This keeps the coat clean and healthy, stimulates the skin, and allows the natural oils to circulate to the coat. It will also help prevent hairballs, which are the result of loose hair being picked up by the cat’s tongue and then swallowed.

Cats with long hair need daily grooming, like it or not. Here's some tips for successful fur care.

Pain or illness will cause a cat to lose interest in grooming. Aging cats may suffer from arthritis, which makes it painful for them to maneuver their bodies for cleaning; the simple act of grooming may also tire them out. Overweight cats have a hard time reaching the areas they want to clean, and are frustrated by their attempts.

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If you go to a professional groomer, ask her or him for tips on how you can keep your cat’s coat in good shape between appointments. Cats need their daily routine to be very predictable and consistent. Some kitties, when they feel stressed by a change in their environment, will start performing a behavior like grooming themselves. This is an example of a displacement behavior.

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If it seems like your favorite feline spends most of his waking hours himself, you are probably right. Cats typically spend anywhere from 15 to 50 percent of their time grooming themselves, and this is considered normal behavior for them. It’s also important to realize that grooming fulfills more than one function in their lives. Though most owners can guess the first — that your and saliva are used to remove debris off the fur — many often don’t realize the second reason. When your cat’s saliva is distributed over his body on a warm day, it helps with thermoregulation in order to keep him cooler! Grooming may also be a self-soothing behavior for some and a sign that they are feeling comfortable in their environments. On the other hand, some cats groom when they are nervous and do not feel comfortable: Grooming may be a ;cats would prefer to focus on grooming rather than deal with the stressor.

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Psychogenic alopecia usually is a life-long problem. The symptoms of the syndrome usually wax and wane over time. However, most cats with the syndrome display a tendency towards over-grooming for their entire lives.We are available for grooming Monday through Saturday to pamper and care for your cats. Reservations are required. Our grooming schedule books up quickly, so be sure to make your reservations early.