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Where do you live? (No, you don't have to answer.) Vets are available in almost every country/state I know. Persians, as you have found out, are high maintenance cats. It seems that your cats need a professional groomer. If you can't find one, here are some hints. First--and this is from personal experience--do NOT use scissors, ever. I nicked my sweet Elise in three spots when she had fur snarls and petrified feces in her Main Coon britches. She had to go to the ER and get stitches. Since you have already tried baths, I won't get into that. Most cats love the Zoom Groom--it feels like being groomed by Momcat. I recommend it over the Furminator. Whatever you do, do not try amateur attempts with scissors or razors. I am speaking from experience. And tranquilizers don't usually work for cats. Do your best to find a groomer, p-mail me at any time, and check out the grooming forum on Catster. You are not alone...

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I have a cat sanctuary. Just this week took in a cat with 5 LBS of matted fur. Vet gave the lion cut. Have other long haired cats in my care prone to severe matting. My advice is regular grooming. Shaving fur off in Summer, (all my long haired cats love being short haired cats) and removing mats with a seam stripper or thread cutter (no scissors). If you have a sewing kit there will be one in there. It looks like a two pronged fork with a ball on one end and pointed on the other. You can just run it under the matt without fear of cutting the skin. Works like a dream.

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Dr Magnifico, a small animal veterinarian, explains why cats fur becomes matted Because of their grooming needs and easily-matted fur, long hairedcats tend to make better indoor pets rather than outdoor cats. Longhair cat care is much easier when your cat is an indoor cat rather thanan outdoor cat. Outdoor cats will require more frequent grooming thanindoor cats, because they will “get into things” more often.

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"Any approach to long hair cat care requires a daily or 3x per week grooming routine with both a comb and brush. Daily cat grooming stimulates the natural skin and hair oils, and keeps mats from forming. This is also a practical matter to keep shedding hair from gathering on clothing, the floor and furniture. The key to grooming to to start young and make it appear as part of being petted. Providing a treat will also make grooming more pleasant. Look for mats with your hands daily. If a mat does form, it is best pulled apart with your fingers followed by use of a metal comb, then brushing or a specialized tool. Baths may be helpful depending on your cat's grooming habits and tolerance for being washed. If your cat doesn't have a healthy looking coat consider a dietary change, supplement or scheduling a consultation with a veterinarian."

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