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A good cat food is high protein, and if it contains all of the amino acids essential for the health of your cats. The 11 essential amino acids contained in these dry cat foods include histidine, leucine, arginine, isoleucine, methionine, threonine, phenylalanine, tryptophan, taurine and valine. If the technical analysis of a cat food is not reflected on the label, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is not contained in the food.

Dry cat food is good for:

There is no doubt about it. I’m reluctant to write about pet food. So when my editors at Catster asked me to write a column about dry food versus wet food I tried to ignore the suggestion at first. But the suggestion kept coming up, and in fact it’s a very good question. So, livid commenters be damned. I’m writing about cat food this week.

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has a good comparison chart of the ingredients in both premium dry foods, as well as Hi Ingrid, I happened to chance upon your website and was surprised to know that dry food is bad for cats? I have adopted a kitten, 4mths old, and have chosen Orijen Cat & Kitten Dry cat food for the kitten. I was informed that Orijen is good in terms of its real stuff,etc. I am not sure dry food is that bad in terms of shortening the cats’ life, etc. On the other hand, I was also told that canned wet food is like a treat given to the cats. As they are canned food, they are not perfect too, just like we human should not take canned food often. I do understand home cooked ones are good for the cat. I do steam chicken meat once a week for the kitten. Mostly reply on dry food as I read the steam chicken is not nutritious enough for the cat. Other supplement need to be added. Raw food are out of the choice due to many problems, like freshness and extremely expensive.

Fancy Feast is a Purina brand of gourmet wet and dry cat food

Precise Holistic Chicken Adult Formula it is a good dry cat food which balances high concentrated sources of proteins with not very high in proteins ingredients, such as brown rice.

Choosing the best cat food is a difficult task

Like most pet foods, you will have a choice between and . Both have the same health advantages, with the biggest difference being in the texture and price. If you are concerned about your budget for feeding your indoor cat, it is a good idea to start them off early on getting accustomed to dry cat food as this typically the cheaper option.Generations of cats lived long lives eating dry cat food and no one knew that it might cause problems so if this is news to you, don’t feel bad. If you prefer to feed dry cat food for lifestyle reasons or budget reasons, or because that’s what you like, there are some good dry cat foods. Some people like to mix dry cat food with some canned food to get some of the benefits of both kinds of food. Choose digestible carbohydrates in proper proportion. While cats don't have a nutritional requirement for carbohydrates, they can use them if they are highly digestible. If a cat food contains a carbohydrate, as all dry foods must, it should be a high quality source. Cooked rice and barley are examples of good sources of carbohydrates for cats. Cats are picky eaters. Anyone that has a cat knows what it is like to keep them eating the food that is good for them and keep them from getting fat. Dry food is one of those issues. Many cat owners will set a timer to make sure that their cat isn’t over eating. That helps a little, but the big issue is what you feed your cat. That is why it is so important to know what the best dry cat food for a health feline is.