Giant Cat Tree Plans ~ DIY ~ Make your kitties happy

A giant condo measuring 50″W x 26″L x 72″H, the Go Pet Club F2040 is one of the best cat trees on the market. With 15 levels and ten posts, your kittens will find endless play options with this piece of furniture. Made with beige faux fur and sisal rope that blends in with most decors, your furry friends will feel comfortable laying and scratching anywhere.

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Then one day as I was browsing cat furniture on Pinterest, I saw a pin where someone had wrapped a stair rail in sisal to make a giant scratching post. All at once it hit me. It was almost like Bast herself, the cat goddess, stuck her claws in me and purred “If you want to be an excellent cat mom, you need to build your pride the mother of all cat trees around that uglyass support pole.”

Giant Cat Tree Plans ~ DIY ~ Make your kitties happy!

Free your feline friends for fancy fun with this fun Armarkat giant cat tree & gym. With two condos, three perches, a ramp, and ro Like many products today, there is also a wide selection of different pieces of cat furniture. Your choice will depend on the kind of cat you own and the amount of space available in your house. Understand that it’s not necessary to provide a giant cat tree; a small tree will do just as well.

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The California Giant Cat Tree is the largest of our 'Forest' line of cat furniture. The green fabric and brown sisal rope give your cat a feeling of being outdoors amongst the trees while actually being safe inside your home.


Scratching Post:
Anyone who owns a cat knows that they love scratching things, especially furniture! Cat Trees with scratching posts give your cat a place to scratch, sharpen their claws, and exercise.

Cats enjoy climbing into and out of tight spaces. Tunnels on a cat tree will give your cat that joy. Sometimes they even sleep in it!

Your cat likes nothing more than a place to call home. The bedroom offers a nice enclosure where your cat feels safe to snuggle up and take naps in.

Platforms on cat furniture allow your cat to lie down and relax. Sometimes they even prefer sleeping on the platform rather than in the enclosed bedroom.

Cat Trees with more than one level fill your cat's instinct to climb. Cats climb because they feel safer on a higher place away from other animals, such as dogs.

Dimensions: 23x23x75

KoogaTree Natural Handmade Giant Cat Tree - 'Hopscotch'

The Location of The Cat Tree
Take some serious consideration as to the location of the new cat tree. The ideal location would be near a window where your cat can pay close attention to all the activities taking place around the exterior of the home. If you are concerned about the look of the room with a giant cat tree in front of a window, choose a room that the cat will definitely find appealing. One thing to consider with children, teach them early that when the cat is in their tree that they most likely want to be left alone and they shouldn’t tease or try to bother them.We know you want to treat your cats like the kings, queens, princes and princesses that they are. Well, whether you have one cat or several dozen, it’s only appropriate that you spoil them with their own personal castle – and this very affordable cat tree house is just that! It features two condos – one giant, extravagant one at the top and a smaller, cozier one on the bottom – a comfortable cat basket and several platforms and towers for your cats to climb on! Stands very sturdy and made of durable pressed wood and beautiful beige carpet.Giant cat tree for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need. Dedicated to medium size cats. Construction is made of wood. It is covered with thick carpet. Contains 6 levels in various sizes.Molly and Friends are known for making some of the better cat trees in the USA, but what always stands out to me is – the size! The Pinnacle is another giant model from the company and stands at an incredible 90" this time around. The condo is space saving due to the tall, yet skinny nature of the model however. Two condos, four cradles and over 30 inches of sisal rope lined posts ensure your feline is always entertained.