Giant Odor Free Cat Litter Box Cabinet / Bathroom

Finding a large enough litter box for extra large cats, such as Main Coons, Ragdolls, and Norwegian Forest Cats is not so easy. LItter boxes marketed as "extra large" aren't actually roomy enough for very large cats. The cat's body might fit, but the cat's rear end sometimes overhangs the edge of the box with the elimination accidentally landing out of the box. Even litter boxes called "jumbo" are not satisfactorially large enough for giant sized cats. A Maine Coon cat, for example, can reach a length of forty inches (including the tail) and can be sixteen inches tall.

This Giant Cat Litter Box is just perfect for multiple cat & large breed cat households

Favorite® 24-Inch Cat Litter Box Extra Large Grey/ Jumbo Covered Litter Pan/ Enclosed Kitten Litter Box/ Giant Hooded Kitty Litter Pan XL in Grey

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Keep your cat's litter box clean when you use Alfapet Extra Giant Sifting Cat Pan Liners But now, there is an actual giant sized litter box available. It's almost three feet long! The measures 34.7 x 19.8 x 10 inches, giving plenty of room for very large cats to turn around and, most importantly, being large enough so that the cat does not wind up with his back end hanging over the edge of the box while eliminating. One of the wide sides curves down making an approximate 7 inch high "entryway" that a tall, large breed cat can step over easily . The box is high enough to keep litter in when a cat gets energetic with digging in the litter.

Giant Odor Free Cat Litter Box Cabinet / Bathroom. Made in

Have a large cat, but not a giant cat? A might be what you need. The "jumbo" size litter pans are indeed actually large, (unlike litter boxes labeled as "large"). Jumbo sized boxes are, on average, approximately 22" x 16.5" x 7.5" high. Smaller sized Maine Coon or Main Coon mix cats would do well with a jumbo sized litter box, which is easier to empty and wash than the Petmate Giant Litter Pan.

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