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I've been a cat owner for 40+ years and once they pee regularly in certain carpeted spots, there is NO way to get rid of the smell. Part of the problem is the carpet pad. Even if you could clean the carpet, the pee has gotten down into the pad where it will remain for millennia.

I've been a cat owner for 40+ years and once they pee regularly in certain carpeted spots, there is NO way to get rid of the smell

Cat pee can be hard to get rid of, but definitely not impossible. If even the best enzyme cleaner doesn’t seem to remove the smell completely or if kitty keeps returning to the same spot, try the process several times. Sometimes the first time isn’t quite enough to get rid of all the cat pee, especially in a carpeted area. And remember, no matter what type of cleaner you decide to use, test it on a small spot of carpet or floor first, just to make sure it’s safe and won’t remove any color.

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The odor of your beloved cat's urine can be a bother to your nose as well as your house guests, learn how to get rid of cat pee smell using these remedies. My byofriend and I have recently moved back home with my parents due to problems with our landlord. My parents moved from a beautiful 5 bedroom home to rent a 2 bedroom apartment since they were the only ones living home, well in this 2 bedroom apartment, they have 7 cats!!!! and no matter how clean and neat the litter pans are, the cats tend to go to the bathroom EVERYWHERE! the smell is horrible, the littler pans are in the basement so thankfully they usually go down there, but they still go up strais sometimes, they pee on the couch, they pee on the hard wood flooring, they pee on the fridge, they pee EVERYWHERE My parents just started renting this home and are already wanting to give up with trying to keep up with the clenliness due to the smell, i have tried numerous times for my mom to bring a few of the cats to the shelter, but she just wont part, how do i get the cats to stop peeing everywere except the litter box? and how do i get the smell out of EVERYTHINg from, wood flooring, to laminent basement flooring, to the walls, to the furniture. I cant even invite friends in anymore its that embarrassing, what do i do to get the urine and feces smell out? PLEASE HELP ME SOLVE THIS MESS!!!!

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I tried the peroxide / baking soda / dish soap thing on a spot on my carpet. It reduces the smell, but does not entirely get rid of it. After about 3 treatments of that, I started dumping peroxide only onto the spot. It still has a faint odor and apparently the cats can smell it too, because one of them peed on the spot again...sigh. I am about to try the vinegar, I've read either a 50/50 solution or a 25% solution will do it. Gonna dump that right on there.

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If your cat has been peeing outside the litter box or spraying your furniture, you probably understand how frustrating and difficult it is to get rid of the cat urine smell from your house. It is mentally, physically and emotionally draining coming home and discovering new puddles of urine all over your house and furniture, especially in hard to reach places and having to clean it all up. It is enough to make any cat owner lose their mind.Your priority is to find the stain, clean and then eliminate the smell. Since cats return to the area where they urinated, it is critical that you completely get rid of the cat pee. To do this you must first find every place that you cat has urinated. When a soiled area is already dry, it can be difficult to pinpoint its exact location. A better method for finding the stain is using a black light. Turn on the UV flashlight in a completely darkened room and then scan the floor, furniture and lower walls. You are looking for glowing fluorescent green patches. Check corners, chair and table legs and stacked books on lower shelves. Outline the stain with a chalk or a string so that you know where to clean when you flip on the lights.