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This works well. My cats seem to be less fussy in the morning and will rip into anything. They’ve fasted for eight hours or more and they are hungry! I give any medications in food in the morning too, to get it done and to make sure that food gets eaten.

Fussy Cat Cat Food is a brand of cat food made in Rapture. Included on the label is a warning...

A: Well, at 19 years of age your cat does not need to explain anything she does and it is obvious that she likes baby food to the exclusion of everything else. However, you are correct that food manufactured for human babies does not have the vitamins and minerals that a cat would need. Pet stores sell vitamin and mineral supplements for cats in various forms, and if she would accept that, then the problem is solved. However, if she is as fussy as you are describing, then I doubt that she would accept them.

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My brother and his wife have a fussy cat, and Lorraine panders to his fussiness, buying all manner of expensive foods and treats. John hates this. I have two cats, one is an old Siamese lady, the other is a young neutered tortioseshell. The old lady was skin and bones when I got her, but she ate everything – but was often then sick on the carpet. The tortoiseshell is very fussy and will not eat any of the food I give her, but she is not at all skinny. I guess she catches all her own food, and often (too often) brings field mice or voles into the house to play with. But what ever food I give her (except cat buscuits) she just shruggs her back at, and walks away in utter disgust.

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Are you worried about a cat that turns up its nose to food? Cats, like people, can be very finicky about what, when, and how they eat. In some cases, finicky eating may be a sign of illness in cats. You can feed a fussy cat by setting up an eating routine, optimizing the eating environment, and seeking professional help.

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I should also mention, the fabulous people who make Zignature also have a cat food line called Fussie Cat. If you have a cat, you know… they can be quite fussy.Nothing unsettles me more than when my cat’s eating habits suddenly change. That’s because I know that a change in eating habits can mean a number of things. Decreased eating may be an indicator of lots of different medical issues. It can also simply mean that your cat is reacting to changes in her environment. Here’s what I do when my cats get fussy about food.My cat is very, very picky and generally I only give him dried cat food on the advice of his vet. I find that my cat gets very tierd of eating the same old dry food all the time and turns his nose up at it. He is fussy! So when I saw the name Fussie Cat food, I had to try it. The ingredients are really good and are real meat, tuna and shrimp and not some chemical mixture you can't pronounce. It is a really healthy cat food. When I opened the can, he ran right over and devoured the whole can. It comes in a big variety of flavors and I saw about eight different flavors in the store. He really liked all the flavors of the food that I bought. His coat looked shiny and he was full of energy! The food is good for adult cats as well as kittens as it is easy to chew and digest. He has not had any stomach problems on this food. It is good for indoor or outdoor cats . I would recommend this cat food as the ingredients are very healthy and the price is very reasonable. There are many flavors and you will be sure to find one that your cat enjoys.Royal Canin Feline Selective 34/29 Savor Sensation Dry Cat Food is for Fussy Adult Cats From 1-1 years. Extra Ingredients in Royal Canin Selective 34/29 Dry Cat Food: Vitamin E Not Less Than 6mg/kg. , Vitamin C* Not Less Than 3 mg/kg., Green Tea Extract* Not Less Than 15 mg/kg.