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6. Cats have scent glands between their toes, so they also scratch to leave their smell. If you put on your furniture, it can make cats think they've already marked the area.

Our cat trees are not just trees. They are built sturdy and strong, just like human furniture.

When you approach your cat's scratching as a natural behavior instead of a destructive prank you have no control over, it becomes much easier to find a happy solution for the cat and relief for your abused furniture. Before investing money and time into a solution for your cat, take the time to observe your cat in action. Do they go and scratch right after waking up from a nap? Do they scratch excitedly after you play with them? Knowing how your cat likes to scratch, and when they scratch, will help you decide what kind of scratching posts and trees they would enjoy and where it would be best to place them.

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Here are a few training tips to get your cat used to scratching a post instead of your furniture: If you’re not a cat person, you can check out our general post. And if you have or have seen a cool piece of cat furniture, share it with us below this post!

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CatsPlay offers cat furniture solutions for apartment dwellers with limited available space. Compact cat trees and, in particular, wall mounted cat climbing systems are a great solution for small spaces, and are becoming more and more popular among cat owners. Cats have a natural love of being up high and being able to survey their surroundings. Wall mounted cat shelves and wall mounted cat condos arranged on a wall in tiered or well-thought-out manner can allow your cats to be up high and have a place to lounge, without taking up valuable floor space! CatsPlay offers...

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The mission of The Refined Feline is to replace the unattractive, aesthetically displeasing cat furniture that is currently in living rooms with sleek, modern furniture that owners would be proud to display and cats would enjoy. Felines love our s with their stepped shelves and comfortable platforms, providing a place to perch and gaze over a room. Our provide privacy with wide entrances allowing easy access for the largest of cats. In addition there are our innovative items such as the Kitt-In Box, a which clamps to a desktop. Cats who love to be near their owners prefer this bed with its soft cushion and high walls adjacent to the keyboard. Scratching is more of a management issue than a training issue. The best coverage on the subject is by my friend , head of the Tufts vet school Clinic, in his book, . Cats claw the furniture (and walls) for the express purpose of leaving a mark. It is a cat's way of proclaiming ownership of its territory to other cats. They look for a location that is really conspicuous --like the corner of the couch facing the door. They look for something they can really sink their claws into and then shred, to leave a good mark (there are scent glands in the paws that probably add to the effect, for other cats).