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Do not use on cats or other animals.

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Hi Natasha,
Thank you so much for this article. I have two indoor cats who only go out on the deck of our apartment and this is the first time in 13yrs that we have had fleas. I’ve tried a cheap flea treatment that hasn’t worked. I tried the vinegar thing and all that did was piss them off and make one sick So, I’m going to try the Frontline and the dawn soap bath and hopefully that will work. Also, in regards to a flea bomb, you recommend RAID? I live in an apartment, should I take the cats out if I decide to go this route?

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Frontline Plus for Cats is a cat-safe flea treatment that kills ticks as well as fleas, flea eggs and larvae. Many cat owners find this product highly effective, though we've also seen a significant number of complaints that it doesn't work at all. The flea hyperactivity it induces is sometimes mistaken for an increase in fleas. Generic versions are available; some are good alternatives, though the cheapest are judged to be less effective. This is extremely important. It means that the life-cycle of the flea is broken. Not many other flea treatments do this apart from frontline plus. By using cheap frontline plus for Cats and Dogs we can get rid of all fleas very quickly. As they are killed in all their stages we will very quickly find that there are no new emerging fleas to be concerned with.