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Front line is terrible and I will never, ever use it again. I recently purchased frontline for my dogs and cats and it did not work on any of them. What Frontline did do was cause one of my cats to lose the fur, all the way down to a raw patch of skin, where it was applied. Frontline also caused one of my dogs to lose clumps of hair and break out in welts. Furthermore, the Frontline has not done squat for the fleas and I waisted money. I am now trying DE, essential oils and probably going to have to purchase a different spot treatment for the cats. To be fair, I have been told that for whatever reason the fleas in our area do not seem to be impacted by Frontline, of course this was after purchasing and using it, so it may work great for others. My next step for the cats is to try Advantage.

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Protect your feline friend with . This spot-on cat flea treatment provides a fast, effective and convenient solution for eliminating and preventing pests for kittens and cats. FRONTLINE flea and tick control for cats targets fleas and ticks that can carry and transmit serious diseases to your pet and into your home.

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Frontline Plus Flea & Tick Squeeze-On For Cats & Kittens, 1.5 ml (3 pack). There are a few guidelines you need to know. Certain methods should not be done to close together, such as bathing and applying topical treatment. Other steps should be taken as soon as possible.If you are ready to get down to business right now, read our guide:

Getting rid of fleas on kittens or cats is a little bit different from getting rid of fleas on dogs. For example, dogs go outside, but many cats are indoor pets only. This changes what formula of topical flea treatment you want to buy (if you are going to use topical flea treatment as a course of action).

Getting Rid Of Fleas On Cats With Cat Flea Treatment: Usually, the term "cat flea treatment" refers to a topical treatment, such as Frontline or Advantage.Frontline cat flea control: is a popular brand, and one that many find success with. We used it for years with our cats. If you let your cats go outside, this is probably going to be your choice. Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control will kill ticks, too. This is very important, because ticks carry Lyme disease. Ticks are so small, they are nearly impossible to detect. I would never trust myself to manually inspect my cat and actually find a tick. They are so tiny! So you'll want to go with the Frontline Flea and Tick formula.But, if you keep your cat indoors as we do, this opens up your options. We use Advantage flea treatment for cats. The application process is the same. It is quicker-acting, killing fleas within 12 hours.Also, if your cat is large (we have Maine Coons) you can - "regular" sized cats (5-9 pounds) or Advantage for larger cats (over 9 pounds). With one very large boy, we need this kind of flexibility.Advantage flea treatment for cats has a pleasant odor, too.

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Getting Rid Of Fleas On Cats With Cat Flea Treatment: Usually, the term "cat flea treatment" refers to a topical treatment, such as Frontline or Advantage.

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