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Protect your feline friend with FRONTLINE TRITAK for Cats. This spot-on cat flea treatment provides a fast, effective and convenient solution for eliminating and preventing pests for kittens and cats. FRONTLINE flea and tick control for cats targets fleas and ticks that can carry and transmit serious diseases to your pet and into your home. Fleas and ticks can harm your cat in a number of ways. Bites cause irritation and can sometimes lead to secondary infections. Also, a variety of diseases like Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and more can be carried by pests and transmitted to your cat. Eliminating and preventing fleas and ticks is the best way to keep cats safe from these threats. FRONTLINE TRITAK for Cats can help provide this solution. FRONTLINE flea and tick control for cats targets all lifestages of fleas and. Once all fleas and ticks (everything eggs to adults) are eliminated, FRONTLINE cat flea treatment provides long-lasting protection for your pet. The active ingredient that kills adult fleas and ticks, fipronil, is dispersed across the skin and coat to prevent recurring infestations for a full 30 days. Re-dose your cat monthly to maintain continuous, effective protection against harmful pests. FRONTLINT TRITAK for Cats is effectively waterproof while active. It is a safe cat tick and cat flea treatment for adult cats and kittens 12 weeks or older.

FRONTLINE® Spot On is for the treatment of cats only and for external use only

Hey Moe! If you want a spot on treatment for your cats, I recommend using Frontline or Advantage. I also suggest bombing your house (check out my article on this blog about this subject) and using the pet flea treatment on the same day to make sure that they dont bring in any new fleas after the fog has settled. Lastly, make sure that your flea bomb has an insect growth repellent to prevent flea eggs from hatching and you should be able to win the war against fleas! Hope that helps, have a good one!

FRONTLINE TRITAK Cat Flea Treatment, For cats 12 weeks or older

It is recommended not to bath or shampoo cats during the 24 hours after treatment with Frontline Original. Hi Natasha,
Thank you so much for this article. I have two indoor cats who only go out on the deck of our apartment and this is the first time in 13yrs that we have had fleas. I’ve tried a cheap flea treatment that hasn’t worked. I tried the vinegar thing and all that did was piss them off and make one sick So, I’m going to try the Frontline and the dawn soap bath and hopefully that will work. Also, in regards to a flea bomb, you recommend RAID? I live in an apartment, should I take the cats out if I decide to go this route?

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My neutered male 15 year old, indoor only Cat has for the first time in his life-fleas. He AND I are miserable for him. Took to Vet, he has flea allergy causing loss of fur, a scraping shows no flea bacteria,etc., thank goodness! I had put FRONTLINE on him and after 11 days, fleas were worse. Vet says they have had many complaints about FRONTLINE NOT controlling fleas(good for ticks). They highly recomment Advantage and put it on my cat-all symptoms have improved. I have been flea combing and vaccuming every-other day(removing bag). I have not experienced any fleas on me and have no other pets in the house. Flea must have “ridden” in house on me or friends who also have outdoor cats. I have sprayed yard with a flea treatment spray. I will deffiniterly stick with Advantage!

Frontline : cat flea & tick treatment : Target