TropiClean Fresh Breath Oral Care Water Additive for Cats

Halitosis is the scientific name for cat bad breath and human bad breath alike. A cat’s breath isn’t supposed to be minty-fresh (they are carnivores after all), but excessive halitosis or unusual changes in your cat’s breath can indicate cat gingivitis, gum disease, stomatitis in cats, diabetes, or even skin, liver, respiratory, digestive or kidney problems! Cat bad breath may sound like a joke, but it can be the sign that something more serious is going on.

Tropiclean Fresh Breath for Cats 2-ounce Clean Teeth Gel

This is still the best way to keep plaque and tartar from building up. The less plaque, tartar, and decay – the fresher your cat’s breath will be. It is best to brush their teeth daily. There are toothbrushes designed specifically for cat’s teeth, but you can also use a children’s toothbrush.

TropiClean Fresh Breath Oral Care Water Additive for Cats

Cat Breath Fresheners: Breath Mints for Cats | PetSmart Smelly pet breath isn't just bad for our noses, it's bad for your pal's health, too. It means there are germs in your pal's mouth that lead to periodontal disease, cause gingivitis, and build up plaque and tartar. That's why vet's recommend TropiClean Fresh Breath Clean Teeth Gel. It cleans teeth, freshens breath, soothes sore gums, and is safe for both cats and dogs!

TropiClean Fresh Breath Clean Teeth Gel for Cats | Petco

TropiClean Fresh Breath Water Additive for Cats helps keep your cat's breath smelling as fresh as a mint, reduce plaque and tartar, and build healthy gums every time she visits the water bowl. It provides 12 hours of super-fresh breath by killing harmful bacteria in the mouth and contributing to overall oral health. When your cat's oral environment is healthy, there is less risk for plaque and tartar formation.

TropiClean Fresh Breath Clean Teeth Gel for Cats

Administered on a regular basis, the chew treats will give your pet a fresh breath. The cat treats for bad breath will also prevent the formation of tartar, which is a major problem in cats and is the starting point of more severe dental problems. The fibers in the treats can calm down an upset stomach.Margosa leaves are rich in antibacterial properties which help in fighting germs which cause bad breath in cats. The leaves are very helpful in protecting your cat against cavity and other oral complications. You will be required to take fresh Margosa leaves and wash them. Grind the leaves to form a paste which you will use to brush your cats teeth. After brushing the teeth of your cat, you can rinse with fresh water. By repeating the process twice a week you will get rid of the bad breath. You can as well reduce changes of your cat developing bad breath after you make a habit of brushing the cat regularly with a brush. This will help in getting rid of trapped food particles which can lead to bad breath.Lemon juice is rich in citric acid. This is very helpful in neutralizing the bad odor caused by bacteria in the mouth of cats. It has antiseptic properties which are very helpful in healing the wounds in the cat’s mouth. It can help in getting rid of bad odor as well as protecting the cat’s teeth against decay. Take a cup of water in a small bowl and add 3 drops of fresh lemon juice. Stir the solution well before allowing the cat to drink the solution. You can repeat the process twice in a week to help your cat get rid of the bad breath.It’s similar for your cat’s breath. You should solve the real cause of the bad breath rather than giving a minty chewing gum as an air freshener.