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Almost Home Adoptions for rescued cats (Almost Home) is a no-kill, private 501c3 nonprofit, cage-free rescue and adoption center. Almost Home does not receive government funding (tax dollars) like the municipal (kill) shelters receive, and therefore we depend on generous and caring individual donors and volunteers to keep our doors open. Almost Home is dedicated to finding loving, responsible homes for rescued, homeless, and abused animals.

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Dr. Becker stressed, however, that Fear Free is not simply a re-packaging of old ideas, and it’s definitely not a fad. “Fear Free is a comprehensive training and certification program developed by board-certified veterinary behaviorists, veterinary technician behavior specialists, board certified veterinary anesthetists, well-known veterinary practice management experts, and boarded veterinary practitioners experienced in Fear Free methods,” he said. “We have veterinarians, physicians, trainers, and shelter medicine experts including UF’s Dr. Brenda Griffin on our executive council and Dr. Julie Levy on our advisory panel. We are actively developing training and certification specific to animal shelters, with a planned launch within the next year.

Free cats, $20 kittens at Kent County Animal Shelter amid ov

If you are a shelter interested in receiving Free Shelter Kits call our toll free number 877-311-CATS (2287). This holiday season, show your gratitude and support for the Gifford Cat Shelter by entering the ‘Feed a Shelter’ Contest sponsored by the ASPCA. The winning shelter will receive 10,000 free meals of Halo pet food, which would be a huge gift for our cats and our shelter. Just click on the link below before December 6, 2016.

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Profiteers that breed and trade animals for a buck are succeeding because the powerful voice of the animal rights movement is being diluted and because good activists are being misled into attacking one another rather than those who are making money off the backs of animals: pet shops, breeders, and phony “rescues.” , including by lobbying for laws that have been proved effective in reducing unplanned births and shelter intakes in communities that enforce them and by developing low-cost or free sterilization programs for dogs and cats in every community. In other words, by stopping animal homelessness before it starts.

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Eva's Eden is a "Garden of Eden" for felines. We are a cage free rescue shelter where cats relax in the trees, climb stairs and walk the cat walk. Guests enjoy the peace and tranquility of the garden and are able to play with the cats and see which one picks them! We recently adopted a cat from a no-kill, cage-free cat rescue group. Besides a nasty experience with the adoption manager (which I’ll write about soon), I came away with a number of concerns. I’ve volunteered for and adopted from a traditional animal shelter, and the thought of a cage-free rescue has always sounded alluring; however, my experience gave me a harsh reality check that makes me doubt that cage-free cat shelters are a good thing at all.