Hi Natasha, I have three indoor cats. I have been giving them Revolution (what the vet recommends) for the last six months and am now ready to repurchase. Revolution is extremely expensive so I am looking for an alternative spot on flea control. Is Front-Line or Front-Line Plus as effective as the Advantage and Revolution for preventing fleas, or is there another spot on flea treatment you could recommend that is less expensive. One of my cats is over 16 lbs. The other two are close to 14 lbs.

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Put down the flea collar and pick up the Advantage II Flea Treatment Spray for Cats. Designed to aid in the control of flea bite dermatitis, this spray effectively works to kill and repel fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae, tick and lice on contact. A great alternative to flea baths and collars, this leave-in spray is easily administered by spritzing onto the coat, and it even contains an insect growth regulator to stop the flea life cycle in its tracks, and keep them from ever reaching the biting stage. One powerful application lasts up to 100 days, and it’s safe to use on cats over 7 months old.

Advantage® II 5-9 Lb Cat Flea Prevention & Treatment

If you do use it, use a half and half shampoo to vinegar ratio, and suds the cats head first-when you place the cat in water, the first thing fleas will do is run up to the head. Work the shampoo blend into their fur well and let it sit for 5 minutes, rinsing out thoroughly and follow treatment with a flea comb. Protect your feline friend with FRONTLINE TRITAK for Cats. This spot-on cat flea treatment provides a fast, effective and convenient solution for eliminating and preventing pests for kittens and cats. FRONTLINE flea and tick control for cats targets fleas and ticks that can carry and transmit serious diseases to your pet and into your home. Fleas and ticks can harm your cat in a number of ways. Bites cause irritation and can sometimes lead to secondary infections. Also, a variety of diseases like Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and more can be carried by pests and transmitted to your cat. Eliminating and preventing fleas and ticks is the best way to keep cats safe from these threats. FRONTLINE TRITAK for Cats can help provide this solution. FRONTLINE flea and tick control for cats targets all lifestages of fleas and. Once all fleas and ticks (everything eggs to adults) are eliminated, FRONTLINE cat flea treatment provides long-lasting protection for your pet. The active ingredient that kills adult fleas and ticks, fipronil, is dispersed across the skin and coat to prevent recurring infestations for a full 30 days. Re-dose your cat monthly to maintain continuous, effective protection against harmful pests. FRONTLINT TRITAK for Cats is effectively waterproof while active. It is a safe cat tick and cat flea treatment for adult cats and kittens 12 weeks or older.

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Indoor and outdoor cats are both at risk for fleas and ticks. When left untreated, fleas and ticks can pose a serious health risk to your cat or kitten. Fortunately, there are a variety of flea medicines for cats as well as tick prevention and removal solutions available that are specially formulated to treat your cat. Flea treatment for comes in an array of forms - from dips and shampoos to combs, collars and spot-treatments - to ensure that you and your home are protected from cat fleas and ticks. You can also find treatments to eliminate pests and their eggs in your home’s carpets and yard and provide total pest protection for your pet. Shop Petco for a selection of flea medicine for cats and keep your pet happy, healthy, and itch free!

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