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I came across your site and was very interested and surprised with how well you reply to all questions, very informative information. I’m visiting at my mothers house, possibly moving back with my 3.5 year old daughter. Anyways, when I was here last week I noticed I had a bunch of red marks that were itchy at the bottom of my leg above my ankle. I thought maybe a spider just bit me but last night when we came back I went to lift the comforter up and noticed a bunch of what I believe are fleas, I felt one jump on me and saw a few jump away and disappear. Sitting on the couch downstairs I kept getting itches and feeling things were on me all day. I made my mother go out and buy some stuff to put on the cats neck and a flea collar to either put in the vacuum or on the cat. All of the floors are wood and the couches are leather, was wondering of that makes it better and or easier to get rid of the fleas? I’m washing all the bedding from all the beds and now probably some of my clothing before I leave tomorrow. I tried to vaccinate the floor in the one bedroom today and the couches. I took a couple pictures if you were interested to see? Also, my mom and my daughter have not been getting bitten, so it’s weird that it’s just me.
There are so many spots in this house the cat goes so im worried they will never go away.

Fleas just love cats. If a flea enters a house on ant other pet or person, it will find the cat. That's why fleas on cats are such a problem.

Hi Adam! This site is amazing! Like some people here, we moved into a house where the seller had cats. We don’t have any pets of our own and was mortified to discover flea bites on me after moving in. We flea bombed the house and called the exterminator a few days later after the seller promised to reimburse us. It’s been 6 days since treatment and although we thought we were out of the woods when we didn’t see any this weekend, we noticed a couple Monday (yesterday) and today. The exterminator is coming back this weekend. I know you said it could take up to eight weeks to totally eradicate the fleas, but do you think we need to schedule another exterminator session? Or should we just wait and see if we see any in another week or so? I was so glad to read your article that fleas can’t breed on human blood so my fears that each flea is reproducing dozens of eggs was at least alleviated.

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The best and effective ways on how to get rid of fleas (In house on dogs and cats) fast and easy. Today, in some regions, fleas have developed a resistance to these drugs. Personally, I do use Advantage only 1-2 times per year for my cats (since we have cat kennels outside), and I work to keep my house super clean year-round, regularly wash all bedding, feed them premium quality wet and dry food, and use a flea comb religiously. So far, this has worked for years—and no fleas. I am personally very concerned and cautious about using Advantage or Frontline or any chemical flea treatment, as they are insecticides that use harmful chemicals, and I have read the research about the severe and serious health risks associated with their use.

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Hi. We recently moved into my husband’s grandmother’s house. We have a cat who has never had fleas. Now,in the grandmothers,home she has 3 cats and a huge flea problem. The fleas have now infested our cat which we keep in our room and they are also eating me alive. Our cat is extremely stressed and I can see how uncomfortable she is and she’s constantly scratching. She is very sciddish At the moment How do I get her to be calm to do the sprays and combs and vacuum of the fur.?

Even cats that live strictly indoors can play host to fleas