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Toxicity most commonly occurs as a result of improper use of flea and tick control products, particularly over-application or use of a product that was formulated for a different species. Cats are much more sensitive than dogs are to pyrethrins, and because the level of pyrethrins will be higher in a flea repellent that has been formulated for dogs, cats will commonly fall ill after being treated with a flea or tick product made for dogs.

Using chemically-based flea repellents on cats has an important drawback – their grooming instinct

Citronella, Limonene, Linacool all have flea repellant properties and are sometimes offered in flea preparations. They are quite safe for dogs because they can process them in the liver. They are much more toxic for cats and in lower doses. Avoid them if you can.

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Healing Scents Flea and Tick Repellent for Cats

When using DE in the enviroment, I use a small can or jar that fits in the hand with two layers of cheese cloth and a rubber band to hold it on as a ‘lid’. then sprinkle as low to the item as I can to prevent dust up. its like flour in the air. I put the animals out of the room til the dust settles. and I wear a mask if doing a large area. A little goes a long way.
For my dogs and cats I put DE into a clean small sock just a bit into the toe and rubber band the sock closed at the top. this way you can rub on the animals in specific places fleas like to tread. Neck, back of ears, arm pits, back legs, tail, head and back. I circle the animals body with the DE so if a flea gets on my lil friend, it will eventually have to travel thru the line of DE.
Remember DE works well to kill but the flea can still bite so if you deal with flea allergies with any of your friends use this in conjunction with some type of repellent like she teaches above.
Note: DE takes a little while to do its job. It’s not instant. Be patient.
If you live in dry areas you can sprinkle outside as well but it will wash away in wet.
I vacuum then sprinkle my carpets til the next vac, but I don’t care that I have white powder on my floor. If you do then sprinkle, wait an hour or 2 then vacuum
Good Luck! where we live fleas are a year round problem. Neither hot or cold enough for die off and its so hard and annoying to control.

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