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Advantage flea control spot-ons are administered to dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets topically (directly on the skin). The Imidacloprid present in the Advantage flea medication does not enter the animal's bloodstream but merely distributes across the treated animal's skin, establishing itself within the superficial epidermis, hair follicles and sebaceous glands of the animal. The Imidacloprid is taken up into the adult flea's body during feeding and also during simple contact (i.e. the flea doesn't have to eat the insecticide to be poisoned - it just needs to touch it). Imidacloprid absorbs into the flea's body through the fine membranes located in the narrow gaps between the flea's chitonous exoskeleton segments (these thin membranes are termed intersegmental membranes).

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Your cat depends on you to protect them from the elements, disease, and parasites. Let your cat know how much you love them by guarding them against fleas & ticks with cat flea control systems from Dollar General. Most people think their indoor felines are free of the worries of fleas and pests which could not be more wrong. Flea control for cats – even ones that are strictly indoors – is crucial to their health and your family’s well-being. Fleas and flea larva can be cross transferred from your other pets that travel outside and even yourself! Don’t let your pet suffer needlessly and risk a potential infestation of your furniture, carpets, and mattresses. Avoid the costly need for chemical extermination that inconveniences you and exposes your family to harmful toxic chemicals by simply protecting your cats from ever getting fleas in the first place.

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Consult with your veterinarian regarding the wide variety of flea control products that are safe for cats. Based on experience, Advantage has always given me the fastest flea control for my cats. While results will differ based on breed, their environment and other factors, I highly recommend this product for fairly instant results. The good news is that, in comparison with other top brands of flea control insecticide, it’s one of the cheaper ones that doesn’t sacrifice on quality! According to their product guarantee, it can kill over 90% of all fleas within 12 hours, not too shabby at all! I have also been told that revolution for cats is also a quick killer of fleas but I haven’t personally used it yet but will definitely update this article if I find it to be effective.

A novel approach to flea control on cats, using pyriproxyfen. - NCBI

Firstly, it’s important to realize that flea treatment in cats is very different from controlling . In other words, something that works for your dog, won’t necessarily work on your cat and you should never presume otherwise unless specifically instructed by a professional. To prove the point, here are a few things that are used for treating fleas but are highly toxic to cats:

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