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In addition to the problems caused for cats, both fleas and ticks can attack humans. They are much more than a nuisance and should be approached aggressively.

Controlling these requires a two pronged approach:

Kill fleas and ticks that are already present— Check your cat frequently for fleas and ticks. If any are found, the first step is to use an insecticide to kill the fleas and ticks. There are a number of products that can rapidly kill fleas and ticks. They include insecticidal shampoos, topical sprays and systemic insecticides given orally. All are effective but they only kill the pests on your pet at the time they are treated or for very short time periods after treatment.

Make sure you ask your for a recommendation of a product to kill existing fleas and ticks. Be extremely certain to follow labeled instructions and never use a product on cats that is not labeled for cats.

Prevent future fleas and ticks— So now you have killed the fleas and ticks on your cat. The next step is to prevent re-infestation. This may require a change in your cat’s lifestyle. Cats that are are far less prone to being attacked by external parasites.

Also effective is the monthly use of a topical product that kills fleas and ticks. Most such products are effective; however, the insect must feed on your cat to die. A few topical products have repellent activity, so they actually keep the flea or tick from feeding. Some have a repellent activity against other insects including mosquitoes. This has the advantage of helping to protect from .

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Like most cat owners, you probably enjoy spending quality time with your cats both indoors and out. Don't leave them at risk for any unwelcome visits from pesky parasites like fleas and ticks. Fleas and ticks can be very damaging to the human-animal bond, particularly when flea invasion gets out of control or when ticks hitch a ride with your cat. Not only can these unfriendly parasites make your cats extremely uncomfortable, they can pose grave health risks.

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FiproGuard for Cats: Cat flea & Tick Control at Drs. Foster and Smith If you are choosing a flea and tick product for your cat, make sure when purchasing the product that it is specifically labeled for cats. Not only would I avoid the amitraz or pyrethroid containing products, but I would also avoid applying flea collars on cats. Cats that roam outside can get the collar caught on branches or fences, and strangle themselves.

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For dog owners who want to control both fleas and ticks, another option is . Made by the same company that makes Advantage II, K9 Advantix II contains the same ingredients, plus an additional ingredient called permethrin that kills ticks and mosquitoes. Permethrin is highly toxic to cats, so K9 Advantix II is for use on dogs only. While permethrin is not generally considered harmful to dogs, reviews from dog owners suggest that K9 Advantix II is more likely to cause side effects than either Advantage II or Frontline Plus. Skin irritation is the most common problem, but a few owners describe more serious reactions. Still, K9 Advantix II appears tobe an effective product for treating both fleas and ticks in dogs.

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