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Another electronic option, this well-known toy relies on erratic motion, as well. Unlike the one above, though, this one is free to roam the house, which will inspire your cat to give chase. The construction of this toy lends itself to wacky behavior, and the addition of the feather gives cats something soft to bite once they finally corner it. The feather attachment is screwed in, so it won’t come loose while your cat plays with it. The motor for it is quiet, so especially on carpeted surfaces, this out of control toy won’t make much noise at all.

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Strong acrylic wand with a special added feature to make this whip bounce! Real leather makes this toy even more attractive to cats! You're sure to be happy with it and so will your cat!

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Cat Kitten Feather Interactive with Bells sound Sticks Toy Wire Chaser Petstages Scratch toys help cats scratch, mark territory, exercise and flex their feet and claws while keeping nails healthy by removing the dead outer layer. This bright and beautiful pink Feather Fish is feature rich with a corrugate body that works as kitty plays to help maintain nail health and a soft plush body that's perfect for rubbing, nuzzling and grooming.

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The most popular cat toy in the Earth Pets kitten nursery! Freddy’s Feather wand is an interactive entertaining all-natural toy that provides healthy exercise for cats. It is made with all-natural, biodegradable materials such as cork, hemp and wood. Totally natural, dye free feathers.

The twirling mechanism and replacement system are situated 1 foot away from the feather toy. That way, your cat never comes in contact with the small metal parts.

The cork Feather toy is made in a way that leaves no exposure to glue. You can enjoy hours of safe playtime with your feline friend (s) without any worry!

Freddy's Wand is 2 ft. long, and the hemp string is 3 ft. long.

Biodegradable and made in USA!

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From the Field's take on the classic cat wand toy is just what you would expect, safe, natural, and innovative. Made from natural materials, Freddy's Feather Wand will put your cat into predator play mode in a heartbeat!i absolutely love making these with all the various left overs from other craft projects. I always have an abundance of feathers that friends send me from hunting trips. So whatever isn't used for crafts, gets used for cat toys. One of my cats has a favorite pheasant feather one that he carries around the house with him, as if he caught the actual bird! So much fun to watch them play. Thanks for sharing this!