IKEA Hack / DIY Cat Tree - Fat Cat Climber by Primal Paw ..

The rotund cat ornaments are beyond adorable! And bravo to Cheryl for saying she’d put her fat cats way up high on the tree to protect them from inquisitive kitties (and vice versa!)

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Thank you for the awesome blog post! I had a great time building the cat tree with my dad. (I mostly watched). It was a great way to do some father/daughter bonding while saving a lot of money. The hardest part was wrapping the wooden flat pieces with carpet. We used a very thick carpet, so the corners didn’t come out as nice as I wanted to.

IKEA Hack / DIY Cat Tree - Fat Cat Climber by Primal Paw.

Cat tree. I need to make one for my big fat cat!! The one we have is a little to small for him. Timmy, rescued from Battersea Home, is a fat cuddly English Tabby. He is so soppy that he wont hurt birds... in fact he is scared of them, he lost weight since we filmed this but he still doesn't clim trees since this bad experience. Thanks for watching and don't for get to check the other videos of Timmy.
Cat sitting at table like a human:

and the famous Super morning cuddle:

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Splats Fat Cat Tree/Wall Art only $19.99 at Garden Fun

There are many types of trees available to fit every pet owner, such as cat trees for fat cats, big cats, kittens, etc. Since there are a lot of these available, do your pet a favor and get one of these so that when you leave them alone at home while you go to work or school, they have somewhere to play and stay. Would you like it if you were left in a room with boring furniture and nothing to do?

Fat Cat on a Little Cat Tree ..

The FatCat is approximately 3 inches wider and longer than the TomCat II. Weighing approximately 29 lbs. this climber is designed for bow and gun hunting. Like all TomCat models, the FatCat attaches to the tree very easily using adjustable slide-in hooks and pins. Each TomCat model utilizes cat like teeth to dig into the bark. As with the TomCat II, you can choose to sit facing the tree, or by using the slide out seat, sit with your back to the tree. The seat can be easily adjusted by hand, by using the easy to grip thumb screws. FatCat maximum weight limit is 300 lbs.Vidagoods 72' Big Fat Cat Tree Solid Condo Furniture Scratch Post Play House CARB-Certified E0 Classied Wood Particle-board ** Want to know more, visit the site now : Cat Beds and Furniture