Farmina Chicken & Pomegranate Neutered Cat Food Review

My 2 year old cat had been eating mainstream foods like purina naturals, iams, and more recently science diet dental formula because our vet recommended it because my cat had been having very bad breath and buildup on her teeth for her young age. She is *apparently* half ragdoll half persian, and basically rescued from a very irresponsible old lady who called herself a breeder but is clearly mentally ill and raising the cats in deplorable conditions, so the vet said our cat’s mouth bacteria may have originated from the breeder and it is extremely important to keep an eye on it as it could develop into gingivitis. She seemed to enjoy the science diet dental formula, and we had been feeding her it for a few months but did not really notice a difference in her bad breath and she almost seemed addicted to it as she was gorging herself on it. We decided to look for a higher quality of food, and purchased the Orijen Cat and Kitten and the Acana Regionals which come from the same parent company and she has been very happy with both. We also switched her treats to Orijen and she loves the Tundra Cat and Red Meat flavours which have very simple ingrediants. Her breath has much improved, but the biggest change has been in her energy levels which we did not expect to see such a huge improvement in. Within a couple of months of having been switched over to Orijen/Acana it is actually unbelievable how much more she wants to play and run around. We will be continuing to feed her the Orijen/Acana brands and recommend anyone to try them….we purchased them before reading any of the online reviews, and it makes sense to me why this food seems to be so highly rated on many different sites. It also makes me happy that it is a Canadian brand, we are Canadian and the ingredients are all sourced from Canada and regional farmers.

Farmina Lamb & Blueberry Adult Ancestral Grain Cat Food Review, analysis, ingredient list, nutritional information and calories.

Orijen is produced by Champion Petfoods and the same company has also a brand named Acana . Any reviews about that one? I have been feeding my cats both Orijen and Acana. I think they like Acana more.
BTW lately I have seen another product from Farmina, N&D Grain Free Feline. I haven’t tried this one yet. Do you know if it is any good?

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Farmina Chicken & Pomegranate Neutered Ancestral Grain Cat Food Review, analysis, ingredient list, nutritional information and calories.

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