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Fancy Feast is one of 2 wet foods that my cats will eat. They do not like seafood or pate and will go hungry rather than eat what they do not like. I think it is a bit expensive and the non-seafood varieties have become difficult to find. I have to go to more than one store to find all types they eat.

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Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys Tuna Florentine With Garden Greens In A Delicate Sauce is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for maintenance of adult cats.

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This was an idea to show that classy cats will go absolutely crazy to have Fancy Feast. ‘Just a touch’ means only enough milk to create that creamy, dreamy taste cats crave – all while keeping it easily digestible for cats. Each Fancy Feast Creamy Delights entrée contains just approximately 3% milk. The culinary experts at Fancy Feast, with assistance from veterinarians and pet nutritionists, discovered that this small amount of milk can add to the creaminess of a dish while still being easily digestible for cats.

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The answer is different for every cat. Some cats cannot efficiently digest the sugar naturally found in milk. For this reason, it’s best to feed only a small quantity of milk to cats. Fancy Feast Creamy Delights feature just a touch of real milk – enough to create a creamy, dreamy taste with careful attention to sensitive systems.

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I want to share this information to all cat lovers. My three elder cats had been eating Fancy Feast canned cat food (24 in a box - classic meat or poultry) for years; gobbled it up twice a day as a supplementary 'treat' to Science Diet hairball control dry food. My first encounter with a 'bad batch' was in the August 2016 when all of the cats had bouts of nausea, vomiting and bloody diarrhea; one cat developed pancreatitis and continues treatments today. After not finding any food recalls, I tried to resume Fancy Feast March 2016 since it used to be a favorite and the cats walked away from the food after one sniff or taste; very odd behavior after years of enjoyment. The cats now eat very little, are lethargic, and appear to be losing weight. I do believe something has changed about this product, and not for the good. All cats are going through a work up now and are on prescription diets. I saw a few similar reviews from cat owners and wanted to add my story.Our family has bought Fancy Feast since 2000 back when my husband worked with packaging millions of can for a company that then shipped them back to our local Friskies Plant. From there it was shipped out to local vendors. It was always easy to find and the reliability has always been phenomenal. The ingredients used are always good quality. Our animals all love meal time. Oftentimes the dog tries to steal the cats food. In fact, it's really on a daily basis.I have been feeding my 2 cats Fancy Feast grilled seafood cat food for over a year. They loved it until recently. Now they reluctantly eat a little of it then walk away. One cat has digestive issues. If I change brands she will have real problems. But if this continues I will be forced to change. I would like to know what has changed. I wrote this review in hopes that enough people will complain that the company will go back to the previous recipe.We have two cats, indoors and they know what they like. Trying many brands of cat food while trying to stay abreast of what is best for them is sometimes a daunting task. Typically we try to stay away from the by-product formulas since reading studies about their possible side effects. If manufacturers would offer a trial size of their product we would most likely try it. However with today's prices, purchasing a bag of cat food only to find out they don't like it would be a waste so we just stick with the tried and true. Purina Pro Plan and Fancy Feast seem to be the favorites around our home.