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There's not much more aggravating than purchasing a top-of-the-line fancy cat tree that your feline won't scratch. Before investing big bucks in a bulky piece of kitty furniture, get a few small scratching posts made of various materials. Some felines prefer the rough texture of sisal, while others may enjoy scratching carpet. Pick out two or three posts made of different materials and see if one piques Max's interest more than another type. Once you get them into your home, you'll need to train your furry friend these are what he's allowed to scratch.

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Vertical space tickles the feline fancy. Cats want resting spots above the floor (higher the better!), and they prefer upholstered/carpeted to smooth surfaces. Warmth also gets their motor going, so positioning near a sunny window doubles the cat's pleasure with lookout entertainment and sunbathing potential. When possible, choose cat trees with single-size cat perches so cats don't have to share the space. The 1+1 rule (one cat tree/scratch object per cat, plus one) keeps the whole clowder happy.

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fancy cat trees | ... Cats eye-catching stand of handmade driftwood and oak cat furniture Wow! I have to keep my spoiled cat away from this lens or he'll be wanting some of those fancy cat condos! LOL He already has a cat tree, purchased at considerable expense. Great lens.

fancy cat trees | Cat Tree ~to inspire~ for my daughters cats - cool

A Very Fancy and Elaborate Cat Lounge Structure! Like the middle part of in front of window with not the greatest view for us, but cats like it:) #cats #CatTree

fancy cat trees | Now THIS is a cat tree