Extra Large Cat Condo Tree with Scratching Posts

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Molly and Friends wholesales its furniture exclusively to resellers. As a retailer for Molly and Friends Brand, you are providing your customers with the Best Quality Cat Furniture in the industry! Our furniture is built to withstand the wear and tear of all types and breeds of cats and makes a Big statement in your store(s). Our vast selection allows you to carry a wide array of products from single scratching posts to extra large climbing trees and condos.

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My kitties would love me forever if I got this for them! Extra Large Huge Cat Tree, Large Cat Condo, Large Cat Furniture The incredible Leopard's Lair Kitty Gym has 7 large Levels, several cat beds, a detachable climbing ladder, 7 large lounging pedestals, hanging kitty toys, 5 Sisal Posts, a very large playhouse and easy 2 minute assembly. It's truly a Cat Condo Palace! The beautifully carpeted solid wood frame provides maximum stability and maximum enjoyment for your cat(s). Measures a whopping 26x22x80 (unit base – allow extra floor space for ladder).

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Extra Large Cat Beds,End Of Bed Storage Bench,Puppy Beds,Kitty Bed Furniture,Cat House and EBOOK HOW TO TRAIN YOUR CAT. >>> Special cat product just for you. See it now! : Cat condo

Extra Large Cat Furniture - Molly and Friends

Loads of fun for any cat household and built sturdy to handle even the largest of cats. The extra feature in this large cat condo is the hammocks. This is a favorite feature of my own two cats. The weight of the cat itself provides the security so the cat will not easily fall out of these beds. One-half post covered with sisal provides plenty of scratching room and the enclosed sleeping quarters at the very top is the purrfect addition to this large cat tree.